New Kids On The Block – Top Five Data Recovery Company in the US

Flashback Data was founded in 2004 as the A-Team or SEAL Team (depending on what generation you are from) for the IT industry. We are laser focused on data recovery and computer forensic investigations which have allowed us to stay on top of recovering evolving technology such as flash memory and solid-state drives.

We find it very interesting that other data recovery competitors continue to market themselves as the oldest recovery company. Recovering media back in 1980 gives no relevance to recovering data from media developed in 2010.  However, the age of the company does show that they understand their customers.  Flashback Data is continually working to ensure that each customer has an exceptional customer experience.  We innovate our customer experience in ways that the bigger data recovery companies have not by being the first to offer online access to the status of your recovery and always having a human answer the phone (no frustrating menus or call centers.)

We were recently evaluated by Top Ten Reviews and not only chosen as one of the top ten recovery companies in the country, but we were selected within the top five.  Flashback Data was the youngest company out of all ten selected.  The criteria used to evaluate the companies were drive recovery effectiveness, service plans, ease of use, speed, help and support, and data security.

Help and support, recovery effectiveness, speed, and data security were Flashback Data’s highlights from the evaluation. The future looks bright for the us at Flashback Data as the verdict from Top Ten Reviews was quoted, “Solid Company with versatile products and services.”  We are not only on the cutting edge for recoveries, but we also have proven that we understand our customers.