Tape and Legacy Media Recovery


We can recover data from all damaged, corrupted & infected devices, both personal & business

Flashback Data Provides Industry Leading Tape & Legacy Data Recovery Nationwide

Whether you have damaged, tapes, missing, data, or your tape is unsupported by your current infrastructure, we can fix it!

Do you have an old backup tape that you can’t access because you don’t have the drive anymore? Don’t know what backup software your tapes were backed up on? Do you have hundred of tapes that you need to produce data from for a large litigation? Our certified specialists are the experts in recovering lost data from physical issues, accidental deletion, corruption, and more. With Flashback Data’s tape extraction services, we can extract the data from the tapes regardless of the backup software or media type. Flashback Data’s provides unparalleled experience to solve complex data issues. With over 15 years in data repair and thousands of recoveries, we are the industry leaders in data recovery world wide. 

Tape/Legacy Media Data Recovery Services to Save you Time & Money!

If you are experiencing lost data as a result of physical damage, corruption or software errors, our team is here to help. We recover tape data from all formats and types, making your legacy data available again.

Our Data Recovery Services Include:

  • Extraction from any type of tape including DLT, LTO, 8mm, 4mm and other legacy media
  • Extraction from any backup software type including Legato, ArcServe, Veritas Backup Exec, Windows Backup, and many more
  • The ability to extract many tapes at once

Our Data Experts Have Saved Thousands of Tapes From the Following Issues:

  • Overwritten tapes 
  • Burnt or snapped tapes 
  • Chemical or smoke damage
  • Software issues or backup failures 
  • Flood or water damage 
  • Physical damages 

Learn our Proven Process for Legacy Recovery

Our Flashback Data Recovery Team has recovered tapes and legacy media for over 15 years. Our process has proven successful time and time again.

  • Our tape recoveries are performed in certified clean rooms 
  • Tapes are cautiously examined and processed
  • We utilize proprietary tools to read and recover the device’s damaged areas
  • We are able to image the failing tapes to complete the data recovery

Join the Thousands of Businesses & People Who Have Trusted Flashback Data for Their Legacy & Media Recovery

Flashback Data offers fast turnaround times and extremely reasonable pricing. Whether you have one tape or a hundred, there is no faster way to get your data extracted. We also customize our solutions to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more and discuss our tape extraction services. We offer a variety of data recovery services, including server raid recovery, SSD recovery, hard drive data recovery, and flash drive recovery. Contact us for a FREE quote today!

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Frequently Asked Questions for Recovering Tape & Legacy Files 

What is tape data recovery?

A tape data drive is a storage device that is used for offline, archival data storage. The longevity of tapes are the main reasons why backups are still widely used by large enterprises. If they are properly maintained, they can store required data for 30+ years. Due to their high archival stability, tape backups are used for long-term retention for critical data. Tape data recovery is the process of retrieving and copying data from tape cartridges that have experienced damage from water, dropping, or overwriting. 

What are the common causes of data loss from tape failure?

While tape has longevity for data storage, a lot can happen to make the data on them inaccessible. We have seen it all. This includes:

  • Corruption: expired tapes, operational errors, tape mishandling, or overwrites caused from inserting or partially formatting a wrong tape 
  • Malware: tapes erased from infection by either ransomware or malware 
  • Software Upgrades: the inability for data on the tape to be read by new servers or applications 

What are the considerations for migrating backup tapes?

If you are considering migrating your tape libraries to a single tape, get help from the experts at Flashback. We can advice you about the steps needed to begin the recovery process. 

How do I restore tape archives to a new backup?

To extract the data you must first restore the tape archives. After, you can import the content into the new backup environment after the archive structure have been recreated or you can import or copy the archives into the new data structure. 

When upgrading your archive system, you have several options available to you with their own considerations. Restoring and migrating old archive structure including data is no easy feat. Each backup system will have its own way of saving data in the library or onto the tapes themselves, so understanding the manuals is essential to achieving a problem-free backup environment. 

Some problems may take place when a client software is not available or the paths to them have changed or not worked properly. This can happen when there was failure to complete a full backup. In this case, receiving help from our specialists is the best way to deal with the issue as it is complex. 

How do I conduct data migration from a backup?

If you are experiencing issues in trying to access tapes or their data, our team of data recovery experts is here to solve the problem. We have the equipment, hardware and software, and experience to successfully recover your tapes from a range of media.