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Damon "Doc" O’Connell

Damon "Doc" O’Connell

President / Owner
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Russell Chozick

Vice President / Owner


Headquartered in Austin, TX, since 2004, Flashback Data is an industry leader in data recovery, digital forensics, media & data conversions, and other data services. We provide advanced data services to businesses and individuals who have experienced data loss from hardware failure, accidental deletion, and natural disasters. It is our technological knowledge and continuing research and development that allows us to recover data from virtually any situation.

Flashback Data also provides sensitive incident investigation and forensic data recovery services to clients around the world, including corporations, law firms, litigation support firms, and U.S. and foreign governments. Our laboratory is ISO/IEC 17025:2017 compliant and accredited by the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) under the same program as the FBI and state law enforcement. We are also a Licensed Private Security company by the Texas Department of Public Safety License #A13474.

Flashback Data’s business is built on our advanced technical knowledge of data structures and engineering experience. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service, cost-effective solutions, and extremely fast turnaround times.

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Our Headquarters are located at:

5508 US-290 Suite 350,
TX 78735,
United States

Flashback Data Is Recognized for Data Recovery Expertise:

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Flashback Data is your #1 choice for data recovery and digital forensics.

  • Award-winning Innovation and Technology

    We are your #1 choice for complex data recovery situations.

  • Honest, Friendly Customer Support

    No automated systems. A human will always answer the phone to help you.

  • ‘No Data, No Fee’ Guarantee

    Free Evaluations! If we can’t recover it, there is no fee.

  • Internationally Accredited

    We are ISO 17025:20017 accredited and an ANAB-accredited digital forensic testing lab.

  • 24/7 Emergency Service

    We work around the clock in emergencies.

  • Safe and Secure Lab

    Our lab has 4-zone biometric access and 24/7 video monitoring.

Accredited and Nationally Recognized Lab

Features Clean Room Data Analysis with Industry-Leading Technology

Flashback Data has invested heavily in its lab and is proud of its facilities. The secure, technologically advanced facility will house your media safely.

The lab features four zones of bio-metric access with full 24/7 video monitoring. The first zone is for customers and conferences. The second zone is our administration area, where our customer service, sales, and administrative offices are located. Next, we have a man-trap before the Data Recovery Lab. And finally, our Digital Forensics Lab and secure evidence storage.

Choose the Data Recovery service with a proven history of success!

Flashback Data can recover data from any device, no matter the damage.


Flashback Data offers our customers and partners free data recovery evaluations on our current standard data recovery services. This is a true ‘No Data, No Fee’ recovery service.

There is no upfront cost to you whatsoever.* You will receive a quote, and if you choose to proceed with the recovery, you will know all the costs upfront. If you choose to decline the costs, you have no fee. In the rare event that your data is unrecoverable, there will be no charges, either. That means if we don’t get data back from your damaged hard drive, you don’t pay!

Please get in touch with us toll-free at 866-786-5700 or via the email contact form for more details.

*This offer is only for standard service and below on single hard drives. Multi-drive RAID servers and expedited services are excluded. Removable media such as tapes and Monolithic flash drives are also excluded. All shipping costs still apply. Offer is VOID if the hard drive has been previously opened or if the media has damage from fire or flooding.


See what our customers are saying about Flashback Data Services!


Fredricka V. Weslaco, TX

“All my photos were stored on an external hard drive. I never backed them up because I thought they were “safe.” When the hard drive crashed I thought my photos were gone forever. When I bought a new laptop the man who sold it to me recommended Flashback Data as the company who could retrieve my photos. He was right. Not only are they very capable, they are very polite to non-techies like myself. I highly recommend Flashback Data.”

Mike W. Austin, TX

“Flashback Data solved my data nightmare and recovered all my data from a hard drive that was clicking and not booting up. These guys are pros.”

Deputy Chief Corey Falls City of Ashland

“My police department needed evidence in a murder investigation, which consisted of a hard drive and smart phone in need of imaging and examination. I reached out to the Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory (RCFL) in our area, but received a turnaround time of four to six months. Unfortunately, we didn’t even have one month to wait on processing the evidence. I contacted Flashback Data in Austin, Texas and learned they have the same ASCLD/Lab International accreditation as the FBI and DEA. The great communication and professionalism from the Flashback Data’s staff was consistent throughout the entire process. Since my original request, I have continued to use them to process electronic evidence and they have turned the evidence around less than a week. Flashback Data is a great alternative to the RCFL’s. Their qualified experts, quality driven process, and ease of use make it is easy to not only recommend the laboratory, but continue using them.”

GP Shearer, Chief Deputy, HCSD

“We originally submitted four devices to another department’s forensic division. We were told that they were unable to recover some of the data, but in order to recover the deleted data we would need to have a ‘chip off’ done on these phones. We contacted Flashback Data’s accredited digital crime laboratory and their experts were able to recover data from all four phones.”

John P. Devine, TX

“I had a monster server crash of the drives. After 30 years as a system administrator I can say these folks are professionals. My server builders in San Antonio told me to take the drive to Flashback in Austin. I am so glad I did.

William R. Poole, Major

“Travis County Sheriff’s Office engaged Flashback Data’s digital forensics laboratory in 2015 to assist with a criminal investigation that involved a computer which was configured with a RAID 0, spanned disks, and additional hard drives. In all, the computer contained a total of eight (8) hard drives, and the case also involved a cell phone and a tablet. Despite the immense amount of data contained by the devices, which was about 6 Terabytes worth of storage, Flashback Data completed their forensic examination within an incredibly swift turnaround time of under two weeks. The examination included forensically-imaging the devices, rebuilding the RAID arrays and spanned disks, conducting the actual analysis of data evidence, and producing an official laboratory report.”

Christina O. Midlothian, IL

“Flashback Data was very personable and knowledgeable about about what needed to be done, the client portal was extremely detailed in its information and price listings. I was very pleased with the service I was given, and am glad to have all my information restored. This company has truly earned their outstanding reputation.”

Jodi L. San Antonio, TX

“They are absolutely awesome! Got back every bit of my data. Very fast and the price was reasonable as well. Hope I never need their help again, but if I do, they are the first folks I’ll call!”

Greg Leonardis, Ember Industries

“On Monday 06/15 we reached a significant milestone. Our new servers are up and running and all of our critical data has been successfully restored from backup drives recovered from data recovery services. A big thank you to Flashback Data! In short we are now able to transact and record our sales, purchasing and production activities. With the ability to record our transactions we will be moving forward to ship those products and assemblies that survived the flood and have all parts accounted for.”

Diane S. Austin, TX

“I COULDN’T THANK FLASHBACK DATA ENOUGH!!! I work in high tech, help to manage my husband’s culinary business, and completely manage/administer all the database reports for a local animal shelter. I was beside myself when my portable backup drive stopped working! Flashback Data was able to not only diagnose within an hour or two what had gone wrong, but was able to get parts and then completely recover ALL of my data within a couple of business days. They are a lifesaver—the amount of time and effort invested in the information on that disk was beyond value, especially the animal shelter documents which would’ve taken me forever to recreate. I 100% recommend Flashback Data!!!”

John C. San Antonio, TX

“Flashback saved me big time! I was in the middle of writing my dissertation when my hard drive died on me and I found out I had foolishly not backed up my hard drive for 3 months. They very quickly recovered the data from my hard drive so I could get back to work. I can’t recommend this company enough.”

Ricardo Martinez
Ricardo Martinez
This has been the first time using Flashback services and have to say that I'm very pleased with it. The response time to the initial inquiry was on the same day. The process of sending my damaged HDD was clearly explained and also the available options for that. When my drive was received, I was able to see a detailed report of the damage level and another explain of the data restore options they have to offer. Follow up and fast response to my data restore need. I'm satisfied.
Michael Hill
Michael Hill
Flashback recovered business files for me when my hard drive crashed. Expert technical service. Very professional and organized. Awesome customer service.
Raminfotech Data Recovery
Raminfotech Data Recovery
I'm very grateful for the recovery services i got ...
Sterling Eves
Sterling Eves
been using flashback for years to send customer data in for recovery, AND I LOVE THE MUSIC WHEN ON HOLD!!!! FLASH! AH-AAAAAH savior of the universe
David “DRailFlyer” Franklin
David “DRailFlyer” Franklin
After trying another place to recover my hard drive that was out of state, I searched and found Flashback Data located in Austin. Sending in my HD to get looked at and info received back was a LOT quicker that I was expecting. None the less, I was VERY happy to see what files were STILL on there! After paying files were recovered, but I needed to bring up my thumb drive so they could put them on there. Unfortunately, driving up from San Marcos, traffic slowed my up and knew I was not going to make it up before closing. I called and Trigger was willing to stay longer there so I could drop off my drive so they could copy my files! Customer service indeed!! Thanks again!
Jessica Joseph
Jessica Joseph
Great communication, efficient, and a life saver!! I am a photographer and one of my hard drives crashed, which had basically my entire portfolio from the past 1.5 years. I dropped it off on Monday and then picked it up Tuesday afternoon. They gave me a quick diagnosis, fair quote (especially compared to others in the area), and were able to recover all of my data. I am so happy with their services and kindness.
Jacque Meoff
Jacque Meoff
all service companies should be this good and easy to work with.
Carlos Valdez
Carlos Valdez
Great communication and quick response. They paid for me to ship my flash drive to them for their review. My drive had not been accessed in 12 years. I received a fair quote and they recovered my data within a couple of days. Trigger was quick and concise. You will not regret sending them your device.

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