Flashback Data has been a leader of the data recovery industry since 2004, providing countless clients with secure data recovery services and a robust range of service options. In today’s hyper-connected world, data is everything, and when your San Jose or Santa Clara company experiences any type of data loss, you need expert data recovery from an experienced team of data recovery experts. San Jose companies can rely on Flashback Data to provide secure data recovery processes with a fast turnaround time and complete security.

Over the past several years we have built a highly advanced clean room and recovery labs designed to provide the most secure data recovery in Silicon Valley. We routinely work with high-profile clients who expect a refined recovery process with a high success rate, and we routinely deliver.

When it comes to San Jose data recovery, Flashback Data is the leading choice if you want your data in the hands of capable and experienced data recovery experts. We offer a wide range of professional data recovery services in San Jose and throughout California.

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We offer a ‘No Data, No Fee’ guarantee on all standard data recovery services.


One of the most common data recovery services the Flashback Data team provides is hard drive recovery. If you have a hard disk that is defunct due to repeated wear and tear or one that suffered acute damage from a physical accident or water damage, we can help.

We have extensive experience recovering lost data from all types of hard disk drive storage devices, including HDDs, external hard drives, and even USB flash drives. We are experienced in all manners of the hard drive recovery processes, and we perform all recovery operations securely in our recovery labs.

Solid-state drives are quickly gaining popularity due to their ease of use and incredible speed compared to legacy hard disk drive-based systems. Our recovery specialists know how to perform all types of data recovery services on SSD devices, whether they suffer traumatic damage from natural disasters or contract viruses from malicious software.

Our team of professional data recovery experts can diagnose an SSD problem and minimize the amount of lost data from these events. Our clean room tools and years of experience allow us to maintain some of the highest recovery rates in the data recovery industry.


RAID arrays can perform complex business-critical operations, but they are also vulnerable to many more types of data loss than standard computer systems. If your RAID arrays recently experienced any type of data loss, we can diagnose your RAID server with our data recovery software and recover your RAID data quickly and safely.

RAID data recovery is an advanced data recovery service that requires an experienced team, so don’t trust your RAID recovery to just anyone. Flashback Data can provide quick and secure recovery of your lost data, thanks to our robust recovery labs and the experience of our team of data recovery experts.


iPhones have been the most popular smartphone option for several years. They are versatile, reliable devices backed by the Apple iOS. Unfortunately, Apple does not have the best track record when it comes to recovering lost data for iPhone users. The recovery specialists at Flashback Data have been working with smartphones since they hit the market, and we understand the issues many companies experience with their iPhones.

If your Apple device suffered any type of damage and you need to recover your data quickly and efficiently, our team can retrieve your critical data from compromised devices and advise you how to avoid similar events in the future.


The Android operating system offers a plethora of functionalities and customization options. Flashback Data is the leading choice for Android smartphone data recovery. San Jose companies that rely on Android devices may experience unexpected data loss or exposure to the many digital security vulnerabilities that exist for Android-enabled devices.

Our professional data recovery team can diagnose problems with your smartphone and recover lost files you need for business-critical operations in a fraction of the time other data recovery companies can offer.


Mac computers and MacBook laptops are incredibly popular among college students, multimedia designers, and digital artists of all types. When the storage devices in these systems experience critical failures, lost data can lead to significant losses for the businesses and professionals who rely on them every day.

Flashback Data offers hard drive data recovery for all types of computer systems, including Mac and MacBook devices. We have cultivated a strong reputation as one of the best data recovery service providers in the United States because of our team’s diverse range of experience, which spans all operating systems and hardware manufacturers.


Portable computers and storage devices are commonplace in the modern business world. When you have a laptop, camera card, or any other type of portable device that suffers data loss, you need a solution as quickly as possible.

Flashback Data offers expert data recovery options for a wide variety of devices. When it comes to laptop data recovery, San Jose enterprises can rely on the Flashback Data team. Our team can handle laptop data recovery for all kinds of laptops and other portable storage devices, all handled completely securely in our cleanroom and recovery labs.


It’s vital to find a reliable data recovery service provider if you need secure data recovery with a fast turnaround time. If you’d like to request help from one of the most reliable professional data recovery services in San Jose, contact Flashback Data Mon-Fri for a free evaluation. We maintain high recovery rates, thanks to the experience of our team and our continued reinvestment in our recovery labs and cleanroom technology.

Flashback Data offers a wide variety of service options, including emergency service when you need to recover lost data as quickly as possible. Don’t trust just any data recovery service with your business-critical data in California. Work with Flashback Data and discover why we continue to be a data recovery industry leader.