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We Can Recover Data From All Damaged, Corrupted & Infected Devices, Both Personal & Business

Data Recovery & Data Loss Solutions from Flashback Data

Flashback Data offers cutting-edge solutions for data loss situations. We have the technical experience to recover your critical data – whether you need to recover deleted files, or recover lost or corrupt data from damaged media.

We can step in and turn a potential catastrophe into a complete recovery when IT departments, computer service companies, and even other data recovery companies claim that your device is unrecoverable and your data is lost.

  • Hard Drive Data Recovery

    Deleted files? Crashed hard drive? We have a Class 10 clean room to recover hard drives with severe physical damage.

  • Flash/SSD Drive Recovery

    Cutting edge recovery support for the latest SSD and Flash devices. We recover digital camera cards, mobile phones and tablets too.

  • RAID Data Recovery

    We are the RAID recovery specialists. From consumer multi-drive units to complex servers, there is nothing we can’t handle.

  • Mobile Device Recovery

    We recover iOS and Android mobile devices, including both phones and tablets. We can also recover tablet-laptop hybrids, like a Surface Pro 2.

Flashback Data® Is Recognized for Data Recovery Expertise:

Data Forensics & Investigations from Flashback Data

Since 2004, Flashback Data has provided sensitive incident investigation and forensic data recovery services to clients around the world, including corporations, law firms, law enforcement and foreign governments.

Our laboratory is ISO/IEC 17025:2017 compliant and accredited by the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) under the same program as the FBI and state law enforcement.

While accreditation of crime laboratories is required in Texas, certification of individual Forensic Scientists is not currently required. However, voluntary certification is available to the forensic scientist and is recognized as an additional measure of quality assurance and credentialing.

  • Mobile Device Seizure and Investigation

    Our experts are trained in advanced extraction methods such as JTAG, ISP, Chip off, and EDL Mode extractions. Common services include production of all data for review, searches for keywords, and recovery of deleted items.

  • Data Reconstruction

    We have a full service data recovery lab in house. We have advanced data recovery capabilities that no other digital forensics lab can match.

  • Evidence Preservation

    Even if no forensic analysis is necessary at the time of submission, we can forensically acquire digital devices to preserve the data for later use.

  • Expert Services

    Our experts assist clients with development of forensic protocols and orders, as well as regularly provide expert witness testimony in court.

  • Forensic Media Examination and Analysis

    All of our methods and software are validated to safeguard the data evidence found on computers and mobile devices. We provide our clients with official laboratory reports which outline our findings in a user-friendly format.

Data Recovery

We Retrieve Your Data from Damaged, Hacked & Corrupted Devices, for Consumers & Business

Data Forensics/Investigations

We Recover Lost & Hidden Data on Devices & Accounts for Attorneys, Law Enforcement & Governments

What Our Data Recovery Clients Say About Flashback Data:

“ I had a monster server crash of the drives. After 30 years as a system administrator I can say these folks are professionals. My server builders in San Antonio told me to take the drive to Flashback in Austin. I am so glad I did.”

John P.
Devine, TX