Flashback Data offers risk free data recovery services for your desktop, laptops with solid state drives (SSD). SSDs are becoming commonplace in just about every form factor imaginable.  Soon, it will be the primary storage media for most laptops and portable devices.  SSDs can have very similar local problems as hard drives but are quite different when it comes to physical failures.

With our advanced R&D, we are on the cutting edge when it comes to recovering anything solid state. We were one of the first labs the US to begin working on flash based memory at the chip level.  We can recover data from many physical and electronic failures on SSDs as well as severe firmware or controller failures that can occur with many of the complicated devices on the market.

Our recovery techniques allow us to repair and recover your critical data from any type of solid state drive. Whether you need to recover deleted files, suffered from a computer virus, or have had a full blown failure, Flashback Data has the solution for you.

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Our Process

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Risk Free Evaluations

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What We Recover

Learn about all of the types of media and system types we recovery from.

Our Lab

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