USB/Flash Drive Repair & Recovery Services for Damaged Devices

We can recover data from all damaged, corrupted & infected devices, both personal & business.

Since 2004 Flashback Data has Fixed Thousands of Broken Flash Media Devices for the Most Complicated Cases

Flashback Data specializes in flash-based technology. We were one of the first labs in the US to start performing chip-off level flash recoveries. We can recover from logical problems such as deleted files, corrupted partition, and file system damage and we can also recover from physically damaged devices as well. We have seen everything from simple electrical damage, to thumb drives that have been run over by a car. Our technology allows us to read directly from the NAND flash chip itself and rebuild the data into its original format. If you are currently dealing with a broken flash media device or are unable to access the data, contact our team of data recovery experts today! We have recovered thousands of broken USB drives for even the most complicated cases.

What Steps Should I Take After My Flash Drive Breaks?

Successful data recovery ultimately depends on the physical location of damage and the structure of your flash media device. In the case of a USB snapping, do not attempt to rejoin the broken sections of your flash drive. It is recommended not to attempt to re-solder a flash device with a damaged USB plug because it could result in component damage, among other things, that will not always result in a readable disk. 

Media contamination and electrostatic discharge can negatively impact physically damaged flash drives, so it is recommended to take the right precautions when handling your broken device. Avoid touching exposed components to prevent static damage, Ideally, place the device in an anti-static bag until it can be sent to a certified data recovery center.

The Nation’s Leading Data Recovery Provider for Flash Media Restoration

We can recover deleted photos or other files from virtually all types of devices requiring the use of flash media including:

  • USB Thumb Drives

  • Cell Phones

  • Tablets

  • Notebook PC’s

  • Digital Cameras

  • MP3 Players

We can recover in many situations including physical electronic failures on the following types of flash media:

  • SD and MicroSD Cards

  • CompactFlash Cards

  • Sony Memorysticks

  • USB Keys

How Should I Choose a Data Recovery Provider for My Flash Drive Repairs?

Since 2004, Flashback Data has specialized in recovering and repairing USB/flash media. Our specialists work to help reconstruct your damaged media to ultimately restore access to lost files by utilizing special tools to read flash memory chips through simulating functional hardware. To prevent potential damage and contamination, we treat damaged flash drives in a Certified Class 4 ISO Cleanroom. Our laboratory is ISO/IEC 17025:2017 compliant and accredited by the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) under the same program as the FBI and state law enforcement. This environment will help prevent any harmful static from corrupting the device. After copying over your data, we treat the file corruption, encrypted and deleted data within several days. 

 Our accreditations and credentials include the following:

Certificate | FT-0257

Field of Accreditation | Forensic Testing

Discipline | Digital Evidence

Flashback Data™ Is Recognized for Data Recovery Expertise:

PC World
Digital Trends


Receive a Free Quote for Physically Damaged USBs & Flash Media

If your flash drive is overheated, crushed, or broken, our data recovery team can assess the extent of damage done and provide you with a free quote. For successful recovery, do not attempt to repair the damaged media yourself. Plugging a malfunctioning device into a computer may result in component damage and, at that point, will make a recovery no longer possible. For over 15 years, Flashback Data has provided data recovery solutions for damaged, hacked, and corrupted devices for consumers and businesses. We have a proven track record of successfully retrieving and recovering data from broken flash media devices. Get started by contacting our specialists today! 

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