Submit a Case

Please fill out the form for your media below. This form will allow you to submit a data recovery case and simply print our standard data recovery paperwork. PLEASE PRINT THIS FORM AND INCLUDE IT WITH YOUR MEDIA SHIPMENT and we will notify you when your media arrives. If you are local to our lab, we would be happy for you to visit our facility and drop your drive off. If you would rather ship your hard drive, we have given you the option to receive a complimentary UPS Ground Return Shipping Label to our lab. If you need to get your media here faster we recommend using UPS Overnight. In the event an inbound shipment is lost, we can assist with filing a claim and keeping on contact with UPS to find your lost package, but your device is not our responsibility until it arrives in our office.

ATTENTION: This form is NOT for issues pertaining to legal matters. If your data may be used in a future court litigation, then do NOT complete this form. Please call our Forensics Division at 866-786-5700.

Submit a Case - HDD
Folder names and file names of most important data - be as specific as possible. Do not list "All" or "User Data", as those results will result in being due payment for any recovery we come up with.