Data is an integral part of the modern business world. If your Waco, Texas-area business experiences any type of data loss, you need an experienced and reliable data recovery team to help you recover your critical data as quickly and completely as possible. Since 2004, Flashback Data has been a leading data recovery service provider in Texas, serving clients in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, and throughout the United States.

When it comes to data recovery, we understand that turnaround time and reliability are everything. We are a leading data recover company thanks to our firm commitment to investing in the newest and most effective technologies to serve our clients with the best data recovery services available.

Over the years, we have invested heavily in our clean room facilities to ensure every bit of customer data we handle is kept as secure as possible through all stages of the recovery process. We handle all types of file recovery and can meet your data recovery needs. Today, we offer a wide range of data recovery services to Texas clients in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and Waco areas as well as all over the US.

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We offer a ‘No Data, No Fee’ guarantee on all standard data recovery services.


Precise hard drive data recovery has been a staple of Flashback Data’s data recovery services since our company’s beginnings. Virtually every business that utilizes computer hardware will use hard drives to some degree, and hard drives are unfortunately vulnerable to all sorts of physical damage, from water damage to wear and tear after years of repeated use.

If you need professional hard drive recovery services for your Waco business, we can help. Our computer repair experts have significant experience working with all types of hard drives and can assist you with hard drive recovery for:

  • Desktop hard drives
  • Laptop hard drives
  • External hard drives
  • Flash drives and small hard disk-based storage media


Solid state drives or SSDs are quickly becoming the standard when it comes to digital file storage. These devices feature no moving parts and are generally less susceptible to the wear and tear damage that erodes hard drives. While they share many of the same local problems as hard drives, they require a different approach when it comes to reliable SSD data recovery options.

The Flashback Data team has developed a thorough recovery process that Waco, Texas business leaders can rely on when their SSDs experience critical failures, contract viruses, or experience unintentional file deletions.


A RAID array is a complex arrangement of multiple hard drives and server hardware. This data storage virtualization technology can enable a wide variety of business-critical processes, but the hardware itself is vulnerable to all types of physical failures and other types of file loss.

A failed RAID can cause significant problems for your Waco business, and Flashback Data offers an extensive RAID recovery service aimed at recovering your data and getting you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Our raid data recovery services can diagnose the source of your data loss, recover lost files, and help you prevent similar occurrences in the future.


All types of businesses in the Waco area and beyond use iPhones for professional communications. These are versatile and reliable devices for a number of reasons, but they can experience data loss just like any other type of hard drive or storage media.

If you have a company iPhone that sustained water damage and you cannot access business-critical files, our data recovery services can help you restore your iPhone data with a high success rate. We have many years of experience working with Apple devices and have been in business since before the advent of the smartphone, so we know how to handle compromised iOS devices safely and securely.


Smartphones running the Android operating system are incredibly customizable and versatile, but this means they are also vulnerable to a wider array of potential threats. If you have an Android device that is bricked, corrupted, or otherwise inaccessible, we can help.

Flashback Data’s team of data recovery experts can locate your lost files and help you restore your Android device or prepare for replacement safely with minimal loss. Many Waco businesses rely on their smartphones for everyday operations, and our team offers a streamlined recovery process to secure your lost and corrupted files as soon as possible.


We offer data recovery services for Mac and MacBook hardware. Apple devices are highly popular among companies working in visual communications, graphic design, and media applications, and we fully understand how the Apple file system works.

If you need hard drive recovery services for a Mac or MacBook device, Flashback Data is the premiere choice of service provider in the Dallas, Houston, or Waco areas. We can recover your Mac or MacBook hard drive quickly and efficiently so you can get back to doing what you do best.


Your company’s laptops are vital work machines for your team, so if something happens to one of them, you need to diagnose the problem, determine the best solution, and protect your business-critical files as quickly as possible.

The data recovery experts at Flashback Data have the experience to provide you with extensive data recovery services. Whether your laptop experienced a complete crash, sustained water damage, or won’t turn on after a fall, we can help.

Our clean room has the tools necessary to address any type of laptop data recovery request safely, and our team of data recovery experts have experience working with all types of laptops.


If your company needs professional data recovery services on any device from a failed RAID to a desktop hard drive, smartphone, or multitude of other storage devices, Flashback Data can help. We have the tools and experience to perform your data recovery in a secure clean room staffed by thoroughly trained and experienced data recovery experts. When you need emergency service, it’s essential to ensure your data is in the capable and safe hands of an experienced data recovery company.

We’re confident in the robust data recovery process we’ve developed over more than decade of providing data recovery services to the Waco, Texas area and all over the country. Take advantage of our free evaluation offer to drop off and diagnose your data loss issue at no charge, and the Flashback Data team can demonstrate our years of experience in file recovery.