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We Can Recover Data from All Damaged, Corrupted, or Infected Devices, Both Personal & Business

Waco Data Recovery Services (PCs, Laptops, Phones, ANY Device)

Computer & Device Data Recovery Service from Waco’s Leading Data Recovery Experts

Data is an integral part of the modern business world. If your Waco, Texas-area business experiences data loss, you need an experienced and reliable data recovery team to help you recover your critical data as quickly and completely as possible. Since 2004, Flashback Data has been a leading data recovery service provider in Texas, serving thousands of clients in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and the United States.

Over the years, we have invested heavily in our clean room facilities to ensure every bit of customer data we handle is kept as secure as possible through all stages of the recovery process. We handle all types of file recovery and can meet your data recovery needs. Our customers rely on our team of data recovery specialists for our unmatched experience, praiseworthy customer service, and cost-effective prices.

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Step 1

Step 4

Remove the Hard Disk from the computer. Be sure to touch something metal to ground yourself before handling static-sensitive devices.

Step 2

Step 3

Place Hard Drive in an anti-static bag or anti-static bubble wrap.

Step 3

Step 2

Place the disk in a box with at least 2″ of foam or packing material on all sides to prevent damage during transit.

Step 4

Step 1

Seal the box securely and mark FRAGILE on the box. Always send via Next Day Air when possible. Please include your Data Evaluation form in the box.

Flashback Data’s Recovery Services Include:

Since 2004, Flashback Data has been the industry leader in data recovery, digital forensics, and other data services. For years, we have used the most data recovery techniques to help you recover lost information. Whether you lost files due to an equipment malfunction or an accidentally broken device, we can help you get them back. Our team has a track record of successfully recovering data from the following:

  • Hard Drive Data Recovery

    Deleted files? Crashed hard drive? We have a Class 10 clean room to recover hard drives with severe physical damage.

  • Flash/SSD Drive Recovery

    Cutting-edge recovery support for the latest SSD and Flash devices. We recover digital camera cards, mobile phones, and tablets too.

  • RAID Data Recovery

    We are the RAID recovery specialists. From consumer multi-drive units to complex servers, there is nothing we can’t handle.

  • Mobile Device Recovery

    We recover iOS and Android mobile devices, including both phones and tablets. We can also recover tablet-laptop hybrids, like a Surface Pro 2.

Data Recovery

We Retrieve Your Data from Damaged, Hacked, or Corrupted Devices, for Consumers & Business

Data Forensics/Investigations

We Recover Lost & Hidden Data on Devices & Accounts for Attorneys, Law Enforcement, & Governments

Contact Our Waco Data Recovery Team

If your company needs professional data recovery services on any device, from a failed RAID to a desktop hard drive, smartphone, or many other storage devices, Flashback Data can help. We have the tools and experience to perform your data recovery in a secure, clean room staffed by thoroughly trained and experienced data recovery experts. When you need emergency service, it’s essential to ensure your data is in the capable and safe hands of an experienced data recovery company.

We’re confident in the robust data recovery process we’ve developed over a decade of providing data recovery services to the Waco, Texas, area and all over the country. Take advantage of our free evaluation offer to drop off and diagnose your data loss issue at no charge, and the Flashback Data team can demonstrate our years of experience in file recovery.