Certified Data Recovery Services in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is one of the busiest cities in the United States, and it is the hub of the California economy. Many businesses throughout Los Angeles rely on data for their critical operations every day. When data loss occurs, it can cost an organization a tremendous amount of money if they do not find a solution quickly.

When it comes to data recovery Los Angeles, businesses can rely on Flashback Data. Our team of data recovery experts has more than a decade of experience helping businesses all over the United States recover lost data with professional data recovery services.

Over the past several years, Flashback Data has invested in cutting edge data recovery technology and specialized equipment to create a highly secure clean room, enabling us to provide a fast turnaround on the most complex data recovery projects.

Whether you need standard data recovery services or emergency data recovery as quickly as possible, our team of data recovery experts can help thanks to a diverse background spanning criminal justice, digital forensics, and computer science.

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We offer a ‘No Data, No Fee’ guarantee on all standard data recovery services.

Hard Drive (HDD) Recovery

Flashback Data’s team of hard drive data recovery specialists are extremely well versed in hard drive recovery. If you have a computer with a corrupted or damaged hard drive or files that seem to be stuck on an inaccessible external hard drive, we can help you retrieve your data faster than you might expect.

We also know that many Los Angeles companies invest in technology from many of the leading manufacturers. Flashback Data has experience working with devices made by Western Digital, Hitachi, Samsung, Seagate, Toshiba, and every other manufacturer.

No matter what kind of hard drive data loss you experience, we can provide hard drive data recovery services on any type of hard disk drive.

SSD (Solid State Drive) Recovery

Many companies are investing in solid-state drives (SSDs) due to their ease of use and faster loading times compared to traditional hard disk drives. If you have an SSD that is corrupted, damaged, or otherwise compromised, our team of expert SSD data recovery specialists can help you get your data back.

We have a data recovery process in place for virtually any type of storage device, and that includes the latest and most advanced SSDs. We have a very high success rate thanks to our advanced suite of data recovery technology and the experience of our team.

RAID Arrays

If your company relies on a RAID 5 system or any other kind of RAID arrays, you probably rely on these systems for their high level of security and overall reliability. However, data loss can still occur with RAID configurations, and fast and reliable RAID data recovery is a highly specialized process.

Flashback Data can handle any kind of raid recovery issue you encounter. We can help you minimize lost data and diagnose RAID system crashes and other events that compromise your business processes.


iPhones are a staple of the modern business world, and countless people use them every day for personal and professional purposes. If you experience any type of data loss with your iPhone devices, Flashback Data can help you even when the Apple technicians won’t.

We understand that many consumers and professionals have issues with standard iPhone services; they rarely provide any options for retrieving your data unless you have paid for iCloud storage and used it to back up your files.

If you have a damaged, bricked, or corrupted iPhone, we can help you recover your data.


The Android operating system can handle a vast number of possible tasks and provides users with a plethora of customization options. If you have critical data stored on an Android device that experienced physical damage, water damage, or corruption from a virus, you need a reliable data recovery company to help you retrieve what you lost.

Flashback Data has extensive experience working with Android smartphones and tablets, and our clean rooms have all the tools necessary for complex data recovery services on these devices.

Mac and Macbook Data Recovery

Mac computers are some of the most popular desktop platforms in the digital media and visual communications worlds today, and the MacBook is the preferred favorite of college students all over the world. When you encounter any type of data loss event with a Mac system, Flashback Data can help you recover with a fast turnaround time.

We understand the iOS operating system and have performed complex data recovery services on all types of Mac devices over the years. Our team of data recovery experts is confident that we can meet your Mac-related data recovery needs.

Laptop Data Recovery

Your company probably relies on laptops, flash drives, memory cards, and many other types of mobile and removable storage devices. These devices can help you transport valuable files easily and securely, but they are also vulnerable to a wide array of different kinds of damage.

If you try to access a laptop or any type of removable storage device and find no data, we can help. Laptops are some of the most popular and most easily broken computing devices in Los Angeles and throughout the United States, and we have more than a decade of experience working with countless varieties and data loss events.

Considerations When Choosing a Los Angeles Data Recovery Company

If you need any kind of emergency data recovery service with a fast turnaround, you should rely on one of the most successful data recovery services in the United States. Flashback Data has a solid reputation due to our consistent reinvestment into cutting edge technology to provide our customers with secure and reliable data recovery services with the highest possible success rates.

Don’t trust your critical data to just anyone, especially if you need to maintain ISO, GSA, or HIPAA compliance. We can provide you with an extensive rundown of your data loss event and recover as much of your data as possible in a completely secure environment.

Los Angeles businesses in need of professional data recovery can contact Flashback Data for an initial evaluation at no charge. We’ll review your situation and even perform a free diagnostic inspection to let you know what to expect from our standard data retrieval services or emergency service if you require immediate attention.

Check out some testimonials from our past clients to see what others have to say about the quality of service you can expect from Flashback Data.