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When computer service companies, IT departments, and even those other data recovery guys claim that your important files are lost or unrecoverable — we’re your back-up plan. And we have been since 2004.

We understand how valuable your data is — it’s your livelihood, your memories, your connections and in worst-case scenarios your evidence — a lot of times it is all of the above. Which is why our office holds the best women and men in the field. Our team is constantly evolving to keep up with the newest technology, so that you can rest easy at night knowing that even on the toughest cases we are working together to exhaust every possible outlet until we come up with the solution you need.

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Flashback Data offers advanced solutions for data loss situations. We have the technical experience to recover your critical data whether you need to recover deleted files or recover lost or corrupt data from damaged media.

We can step in and turn a potential catastrophe into a complete recovery when IT departments, computer service companies, and even other data recovery companies claim that your device is unrecoverable and your data is lost.


Our data recovery solutions are the most advanced in the industry. Working in a Class 10 clean environment, our technicians use the latest in-house technology to get your data back quickly and effectively.

We can even recover critical data after a hurricane or other natural disaster.Whether you are a business or an individual, we have service options that can fit your needs.

3-5 DAYS

1-3 DAYS

< 1 DAY


Flashback Data offers free data recovery evaluations on our current standard data recovery services to our customers and partners.

If we don’t get data back from your damaged hard drive, you don’t pay! This is a true ‘No Data, No Fee’ recovery service.

PLEASE NOTE // The ‘No Data, No Fee’ offer is only for standard service and below on single hard drives. Multi-drive RAID servers and expedited services are excluded. Removable media such as tapes and Monolithic flash drives are also excluded. All shipping costs still apply. Offer is void if hard drive is previously opened or if the media has damage from fire or flooding.



We recover from logical damage as well as physical problems on a daily basis.

| Clicking Hard Drives
| Motor Bearing Failure
| Smartphones
| Camera Footage from SD Cards
| Electrical Damage
| Laptops
| Lost or Deleted Files
| Reformatted Drives
| Physically Broken Flash Drives

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Hard Drives

Flashback Data offers risk free data recovery services for your desktop, laptop, or external hard drives. Our advanced recovery techniques allow us to repair and recover your critical data from any type of hard drive quickly. Whether you need to recover deleted files, suffered from a computer virus, or have had a full blown hard drive crash, Flashback Data has the solution.

image of SDD and a laptop

Solid State Drives

With our advanced R&D, we are on the cutting edge when it comes to recovering anything solid state. We were one of the first labs the US to begin working on flash based memory at the chip level. We can recover data from many physical and electronic failures on SSDs as well as severe firmware or controller failures that can occur with many of the complicated devices on the market.

image of RAID arrays

RAID Arrays

With our deep knowledge of how RAID controllers work, combined with years of experience with file system structures and virtualized setups, Flashback Data has had great success in RAID data recovery. We can recover data from any number of drives completely independent of the controller by manually de-striping the array into a single storage unit, and then recovering the data.

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Flash Drives

We were one of the first labs in the US to start performing chip-off level flash recoveries. We can recover from logical problems such as deleted files, corrupted partition, and file system damage and we can also recover from physically damaged devices as well. We have seen everything from simple electrical damage, to thumb drives that have been run over by a car.

close up image of a team member repairing a smartphone

Mobile Phones and Tablets

With a working device, we can recover deleted SMS messages, pictures, call logs, etc. Deleted records can usually be recovered from iOS devices, but items such as photos, videos, or audio are not recoverable from iOS. Due to enhanced encryption iPhone models 4S and above, data recovery is limited if device is damaged due to water, cracked screen, electrical shorts, or damaged hardware.


Well, unlike the other guys, we offer 24/7 support + a money-back guarantee. In fact, you don’t even pay us until we deliver your data. Which means, if we weren’t great at what we do, we’d have been out of business years ago.


icon high temperatures


As Austinites, we usually like things hot — bring on the spicy salsa and 100 degree weather so we can hop in Barton Springs. However, electronics need to stay cool in order to avoid premature drive failure.

icon liquids


We’ve all been there. You set your coffee a little too close to your device — or maybe your phone decided it wanted to hop in the pool for a little summer swim. Suddenly, you are in full panic mode trying to save your electronics. Sometimes, the Pinterest remedies work and sometimes, you need a little help. One thing’s for sure, we beat out a Ziploc bag full of rice any day.

icon overwriting


It happens to the best of us. In those rare cases where important areas of a drive are overwritten, the drives become unbootable. Think of us as your “command z” for drive mistakes.

icon wear and tear


Getting old is rough on all of us. Daily use for years can and will eventually cause failures. We can’t erase the sun-damage from your 2008 tanning oil habit, but we can take years off of your hard drives.

icon impact


Many recovery cases are caused by dropping or hitting a flash drive while it’s plugged into a computer. We’re not saying that the next time your internet is painfully slow, you should reenact the baseball bat scene from Office Space but, we are saying — if you did — we could probably fix it.

icon manufacturers defect


Sometimes devices are just born bad, and not in the cool vegan-leather-jacket-wearing, sneak-into-the-secret-concert-entrance way. In order to keep margins low, certain manufacturers are notorious for failures due to firmware bugs or faulty parts.

icon logical failure


Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a flu shot for computer viruses? As with everything, sometimes you can take all of the necessary precautions and external factors create issues that are out of your hands. Operating system errors, viruses and accidents can lead to file system damage.

icon electrical problems


Did you want your laptop medium-rare or well-done? Nothing cooks your storage devices like power surges and electrical storms.

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If you have signs of a physical failure, do not continue to try to boot the computer or power on the drive. You will only cause further physical damage and possibly make the drive unrecoverable.


/ 1 /

Repetitive clicking noise coming from your computer is usually a sign of mechanical damage to a hard drive.

/ 2 /

A message stating that the Operating System is not found or Missing Operating System.

/ 3 /

Computer BIOS does not detect a hard drive at startup.

/ 4 /

A completely silent hard drive can mean there is an electrical problem with the drive.

/ 5 /

Very slow file access often indicates data corruption.

/ 6 /

Endless loop when trying to boot the system or reoccurring BSOD (Blue Screen of Death).

/ /

Computer asks to format the drive when it is mounted.

/ 8 /

USB drive or device is not recognized when inserted.


1 //

Turn off your computer and stop using it. Your computer is constantly writing data to your hard drive. You can easily overwrite the deleted data without knowing it.

2 //

Do not try to recover the data yourself. You can very easily risk further damage to the files that were deleted.

3 //

Call Flashback Data immediately and talk to a data recovery expert about recovering your data and your chances of a recovery.

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Looking for a little more information? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below for the scoop on first steps upon drive failure, how to get your hardware to us, pricing, confidentiality, clicking drives and more.


First and foremost, turn off all power to your computer immediately! If you continue to leave your system running, or try to recover the data yourself, you will lower your chances for a successful recovery significantly. Do not run any software utilities on your computer. Many of these tools will change the structure of the data on your disk and possible cause more damage. Send your media in to a professional who has the tools and proper equipment to ensure a safe recovery. We have seen countless times where people try to recover the data themselves or have a technically inclined friend help, only to cause the drive to become unrecoverable. Please, at least call us first.

Yes we can! A clicking hard drive usually means that your drive has internal mechanical parts that have failed. In order to recover mechanically failed drives, a clean environment is needed. Flashback Data’s recovery lab is equipped with a Class 10 clean environment. The class number refers to the maximum number of airborne particles greater than or equal to one-half of a micron that would be allowed in one cubic foot of clean environment air. Therefore, A Class 10 clean room would not contain more than 10 particles bigger than half a micron in a cubic foot of air.

Contact Flashback Data by calling our toll free number at 1.866.786.5700 or by filling out our online forms (Just click ‘Send your Media’ at the bottom of this page). Package your damaged media in a anti-static bag in a box at least twice the size of the hard drive or media itself. Pack the media with plenty of packing materials to ensure no movement while in transit. When shipping, next-day air service is recommended for the least possibility for damage during transit. Please include your service agreement in the box.

Flashback Data has a No Data, No Fee policy. If we cannot recover the data you are looking for we will not charge you.

Our quote ranges are based on the best and worst case scenarios. The recovery of your mission critical data is not something that should be taken lightly. Please research the company to whom your are trusting your valuable data.

We offer our clients a secure environment so you can be sure that only authorized personnel have access and your document remain private. All employees undergo an FBI background check and are Licensed PI’s. Our recovery work is done in our secure lab, and only data recovery technicians have access to this part of our facility via biometric scanners. We monitor the access to our lab very closely. Please see information about our lab in the Links below.

You can download our hard drive data evaluation forms on our web site by clicking ‘Send your Media’ at the bottom of any page. Then, follow the steps on our Hard Drive Shipping Instruction page below to ensure that your data makes a safe arrival to our lab.

You can choose how you would like to have your data returned to you. We can provide the data on Flash Drives, External USB 3.0 Hard Drives (at additional cost) or you can provide your own Flash Drive or Hard Drive for us to use for your destination media.

You can never be certain when a data disaster might happen, but you can take many steps in order to protect your vital information. Backing up your data is the most important task to prevent data loss from happening again. Always have another copy of your data at another location, and make sure that your data can be restored by verifying all backups. Please consider a remote backup service as one of the best alternatives to local backups. It is automatic and extremely secure.



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