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We recover data from all damaged, corrupted, and infected personal and business devices.

We know how frustrating it is to lose your data. Your data is valuable – your livelihood, memories, connections, and, in worst-case scenarios, your evidence. In some cases, it’s all of the above. No matter the size or scope of your data recovery needs, Flashback Data is here to help you regain your valuable data. We have the technical experience to retrieve your critical data, whether you need to recover deleted files or lost data from damaged media. Flashback Data offers advanced solutions for data loss situations.

Our Team Is Here For YOU

Flashback Data is constantly evolving to keep up with the newest technology. Our personnel comprises the best data recovery specialists in the field. That means you can rest easy knowing that even in the most challenging cases, our team works together to get your data back. When computer service companies, IT departments, and even those other data recovery guys claim that your important files are lost or unrecoverable — we’re your backup plan. And we have been since 2004.

We Provide a Superior Clean Room Environment

Our data recovery solutions are the most advanced in the industry. Working in a Class 10 clean environment, our technicians use the latest in-house technology to get your data back quickly and effectively. We can even recover critical data after a hurricane or other natural disaster. Whether you are a business or an individual, we have data recovery service options to fit your needs.

Thousands Rely on Flashback Data for Our Expertise in Data Recovery

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We Stand Behind Each Data Recovery Service We Offer

Including hard drive recovery and SD card recovery, regardless of your device type.

  • Hard Drive Recovery

    Flashback Data offers risk-free data recovery services for your desktop, laptop, or external drive. Our advanced recovery techniques allow us to repair and recover your critical data from any type of hard drive quickly. Whether you need to recover deleted files, are dealing with a computer virus, or have had a full-blown hard drive crash, Flashback Data has the solution. Hard drive disk recovery is one of our specialties. With our state-of-the-art, secure lab, you can trust that your data is in good hands at Flashback Data.

  • Mobile Device Recovery

    Mobile devices, like cell phones and tablets, are critical to operating in today’s society so a surprise data loss can be devastating. Flashback Data offers risk-free data recovery services for your mobile device. While mobile devices are tricky to recover, Flashback Data has the experience and technology to recover files and deleted photos. Our expert technicians can handle Android data recovery, Surface Pro data recovery, iPhone data recovery, iPad data recovery, and recovery with any other iOS device.

  • RAID Server Recovery

    Servers with multi-drive RAID arrays can still fail, just like a non-redundant solution. Even though most RAID systems are redundant, it is very common for single drive failures on a RAID 5 system to go unnoticed due to the noise levels in a server room. It is only when the second drive fails that significant data loss occurs. We understand that losing data on a RAID system can be catastrophic to any business. With our deep knowledge of how RAID controllers work and years of experience with file system structures and virtualized setups, Flashback Data has had great success in RAID data and file recovery.

  • SSD Recovery

    Solid State Drives (SSDs) are quickly becoming the primary storage media for most laptops and portable devices. Our SSD recovery techniques allow us to repair and recover your critical data from any solid-state drive, including those found in Windows PC and other laptops. With our advanced R&D and data recovery software, we are on the cutting edge when recovering any lost file on an SSD.

  • Flash Drive and SD Card Recovery

    Flashback Data specializes in flash-based technology. We can recover from logical problems such as deleted files, corrupted partitions, accidental recycle bin errors, and file system damage. We can also recover files from a physically damaged USB flash drive. Our technology allows us to read directly from the NAND flash chip and rebuild the data into its original format. If you are currently dealing with a broken flash media device or accidentally deleted video or other deleted data on a memory card, contact our team of data recovery experts today. We have recovered files from thousands of broken USB drives for even the most complicated cases.

  • Tape & Legacy Media Recovery

    Do you have an old backup tape you can’t access because you don’t have the drive anymore? Don’t know what software was used to back your tapes up? Do you have hundreds of tapes from which you must produce data for litigation? Flashback Data’s tape extraction services can extract data and audio files from the tapes regardless of the backup software or media type. Our certified specialists are the experts in recovering lost data from physical issues, accidental deletion, corruption, and more. 

Choose the Data Recovery service with a proven history of success!

Flashback Data can recover data from any device, no matter the damage.

We Make our Data Recovery Process Easy

Because losing your data is already a hassle.

After speaking to a Flashback Data customer service representative, you will be given a quote based on your scenario. We will go over the process with you and provide a time estimate depending on the data recovery service level you choose. We have every option from low-cost, low-priority to emergency and same-day service.


3-5 DAYS


1-3 DAYS


<1 DAY

Why should you choose Flashback Data?

We pride ourselves on turning a potential catastrophe into a complete recovery, even when IT departments, computer service companies, and other data recovery companies claim that your device is unrecoverable and your data is permanently lost. We know your data matters, and we use our experience and state-of-the-art technology to get it back.

Data Recovery Process

We follow a simple, five-step data recovery process and provide updates to you throughout.

Fill out the required paperwork and ship your damaged media to Flashback Data’s lab. Use our Submit a Case online form to complete the paperwork electronically and print a free, prepaid UPS shipping label. If you prefer to fill out the paperwork manually, we will send it to you via email. You may also bring your damaged media directly to the Flashback Data lab.

We will check your job into our system and email you that the media arrived safely. The email will contain a username and password to easily track the status of your data recovery job via our client portal.

Once our technicians have diagnosed your drive, you will receive a firm quote for what the successful recovery will cost. You can accept the recovery quote or decline it. If you reject the quote, you will be charged for return shipping (if you need your device shipped back).

If you accept the quote, Flashback Data will begin the recovery process. You can view your recovery status via the client portal or check on it by calling us at 866-786-5700. Once completed, we provide you with a file listing what we recovered. This previews every deleted file or any lost files we recovered. This way, you can ask us important questions before authorizing your payment. 

After reviewing the file listing and approving payment, we will transfer the recovered data to another form of media. We will then ship the data back to you, or you can pick it up at our facility. We can also provide a backup upon request.

That’s it! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime.

We Take Customer Service Seriously

That’s why we promise that if we can’t recover your data, you don’t pay a dime.*

Flashback Data offers customers and partners free data recovery evaluations on current standard data recovery services. This is a true ‘No Data, No Fee’ recovery service. There is no upfront cost to you.* You will receive a quote, and if you choose to proceed with the recovery, you will know the costs upfront. If you choose to decline the recovery, there is no fee to you. In the rare event that your data is unrecoverable, there will be no charges either. That means if we don’t get data back from your damaged hard drive, you don’t pay! 

* This offer applies to standard service and below on single hard drives ONLY. Multi-drive RAID servers and expedited services are excluded. Removable media such as tapes and Monolithic flash drives are also excluded. All shipping costs still apply. Offer is VOID if the hard drive has been previously opened or if the media has damage from fire or flooding.

Flashback Data partners with IT Companies and Device Insurance Companies

We provide support to both IT companies and device insurance companies. We bring value to these partnerships by verifying or validating wiped chips before recycling them. We have the experience to recycle unneeded devices properly. If you are an IT or device insurance company looking for a true partnership with one of the leading data recovery companies, contact us today.

Have A Question About Any Data Recovery Service We Offer?

Check out the FAQs, or call us toll-free at 866-786-5700.

First and foremost, turn off all power to your computer immediately! If you continue to leave your system running or try to recover the data yourself, you will significantly lower your chances of successful recovery. Do not run free data recovery software utilities on your computer, as these will likely worsen the problem. We have seen countless instances of people trying to recover the data themselves or having a technically-inclined friend help, only to cause the drive to become unrecoverable. Send your media to a professional with the tools and proper equipment to ensure a safe recovery. Call us first!

Yes, we can! A clicking hard drive usually means that it has internal mechanical parts that have failed. To recover mechanically failed drives, a clean environment is needed. Flashback Data’s recovery lab is equipped with a Class 10 clean environment. The class number refers to the maximum number of airborne particles greater than or equal to one-half of a micron that would be allowed in one cubic foot of clean environment air. Therefore, a Class 10 clean room would not contain more than ten particles bigger than half a micron in a cubic foot of air to ensure no particles interfere with your device’s recovery.

Contact Flashback Data by calling our toll-free number at 866-786-5700 or filling out our online form . Package your damaged media in an anti-static bag in a box at least twice the size of the hard drive or media itself. Pack the media with plenty of packing materials to ensure no movement while in transit. When shipping, next-day air service is recommended to limit damage during transit. Please include your service agreement in the box.

Flashback Data has a ‘No Data, No Fee’ policy. We will not charge you if we cannot recover the data you are looking for.

Our quote ranges are based on the best- and worst-case scenarios. The recovery of your data is something that should be taken seriously. Please research the company to whom you are trusting your valuable data.

We offer our clients a secure environment so you can be assured that only authorized personnel have access and that your files remain private. All employees undergo an FBI background check and are Licensed PIs. Our recovery work is done in our secure lab, and only data recovery technicians can access this part of our facility via biometric scanners. We monitor the access to our lab closely to ensure your privacy is always maintained.

First, complete the Submit a Case form. Then follow the steps on the Hard Drive Shipping Instructions page below to ensure your data arrives safely at our lab.

You can choose how you want your data returned. It can be provided on flash drives or external USB 3.0 hard drives (at an additional cost), or you can send your USB drive or hard drive. If you provide a storage device, you can either ship it with your device or upon agreeing to services.

You never know when a data disaster might happen, but you can take steps to protect your vital information. Backing up your data is the most important task to prevent data loss from occurring. Always have another copy of your data in another location, and verify that your data can be restored by checking all backups. A remote backup service is one of the best alternatives to local backups. It is an automatic and secure way to ensure data protection.

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