Virtually every modern company relies on data and digital file storage to some degree. When data loss occurs or business-critical files become corrupt, it’s vital to secure reliable data recovery services. If you operate in the Windy City or anywhere else in the Houston area, Flashback Data can provide professional emergency data recovery on any type of storage device or system. No matter how your files become compromised, lost, or damaged, our team of data recovery experts can handle all of your data recovery needs.

Over the past several years, we have invested heavily to construct professional clean rooms and refine our service options to provide the best data retrieval services in Illinois. If you need a Houston data recovery service that can handle the most complex data retrieval tasks, our team has more than a decade of experience working with all types of systems and hardware.

We’re available Mon-Fri to businesses operating in the Houston area and provide a wide range of professional data recovery services.

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We offer a ‘No Data, No Fee’ guarantee on all standard data recovery services.


Flashback Data has a refined Hard Dive data recovery process for any type of hard drive. From external drives to SD cards and standard hard disk drive devices, our team of data recovery experts has the experience to handle any type of corruption, physical damage, or any other situation demanding hard drive data recovery work.

HDDs are especially vulnerable to physical damage. Our team has the tools necessary for complex data retrieval for any type of hard disk drive that experienced data loss from repeated wear and tear, water damage, or other physical damage. Our hard drive recovery services are some of our most popular data recovery solutions.


Solid-state drives or SSD devices are quickly becoming the preferred mainstream choice for computer storage. These devices have no moving parts and therefore provide much faster loading times. They also take up less space than bulkier hard disk drives.

SSD devices follow many of the same logical rules as HDD devices. Although, Solid-state drive data recovery requires a very different approach when it comes to file recovery. The Houston data recovery team at Flashback Data can handle any type of SSD data loss and recover as much of your critical data as possible within just a few business days.


Many enterprises in the Houston area rely on RAID arrays to perform complex tasks and store critical data. When your organization experiences any sort of problem with your RAID arrays, it can be a devastating blow to your operational efficiency.

Flashback Data offers robust RAID data recovery services that can help you identify the cause of your RAID hardware crashes, security vulnerabilities, and other factors that may cause problems with your RAID arrays or servers. RAID recovery is a complex process, but you can trust Flashback Data to handle these server data recovery jobs with efficiency and the best possible results.


Many Houston -area businesses rely on iPhones. They make great work phones, can perform a versatile set of tasks easily, and have a relatively secure hardware structure. However, Apple does not have the best track record when it comes to data retrieval for customers.

When iPhones break or suffer data loss, most Apple technicians will not be able to offer much aside from a replacement device. Unless you store your files in the iCloud, data retrieval may not be possible through Apple’s services.

Luckily, Flashback Data has been working with iPhones since their first iterations. We’re familiar with their file system and have the tools and experience to retrieve critical iPhone data with a fast turnaround time.


The Android operating system is incredibly customizable and able to accomplish a wide range of tasks for any company. However, they are also quite vulnerable to cyber attacks and the same physical damage that can corrupt or destroy most other smartphones.

If you need help with a corrupted or damaged Android device, the Flashback Data team of data recovery experts has the skills and experience to help. We’ve handled complex data retrieval tasks for Android smartphones and tablets involving water damage, physical damage, file corruption, and bricked devices with a high success rate.


Mac computers and MacBook laptops are incredibly popular; they are easy to pick up and use and provide a wide range of capabilities, particularly for those working in any type of visual design or digital media.

However, like any other type of storage media, Mac hard drives can experience corruption or data loss in many ways. If you work with Mac computers and need emergency service in Houston, we can help. Flashback Data has more than a decade of experience providing data recovery services for all types of devices.


Laptops and mobile computers are essential parts of many businesses’ everyday operations. If an employee accidentally drops or otherwise damages a laptop, or a laptop computer suffers any type of data loss, we can help.

The Flashback Data team has data recovery labs equipped with all of the tools necessary to handle complex laptop data recovery processes, no matter what type of laptop it is. We also have extensive experience with many other types of mobile devices and removable storage, including flash drives, external hard drives, smartphones, and more.


Flashback Data has offered professional data recovery services to the Houston, Texas area and throughout the United States for years. We understand the challenges facing modern companies, especially those that must remain ISO, HIPAA, and/or GSA compliant.

Data security is a top priority. We strive to get as much of your data back as possible after unpredictable data loss incidents. Whether you have a hard drive corrupted by a virus or a bricked smartphone with important customer data stored on it, we can help you retrieve it.

If you need help from a data recovery company in Houston, it’s important that you rely on an established service provider that can handle your job quickly, efficiently, and securely. You can contact Flashback Data.

Schedule a free evaluation or contact us for a free quote to discover what our team can offer. We’re certain you’ll see the value in the wide range of service options we provide with minimal upfront cost so you can get back to handling your business with peace of mind.