We Recover Data from:

  • Hard disk drives (HDD) and solid-state drives (SSD)
  • Mobile Devices
  • Desktop and Laptop Computers
  • Flash Drives
  • RAID Servers
  • Legacy media, tape, film and more

We at Flashback Data take pride in providing the Staten Island region with industry leading data recovery, media and data conversion, and forensic data services. From our Austin, Texas-based digital forensics lab, we assist individuals, businesses, law enforcement agencies and more with their data recovery needs. We have partnered with a broad selection of computer and technology stores nationwide so clients throughout the country may access our data services via our convenient drop-off locations.

Feel free to contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

(917) 781-0599

We offer a ‘No Data, No Fee’ guarantee on all standard data recovery services.


Whether you’ve had an accidental loss, a system or device failure, a natural disaster, or simply need to recover data from damaged hardware, Flashback Data has the sophisticated technology and the industry knowledge to retrieve your lost information. Our innovative recovery methods, coupled with our best-in-the-business technicians, are a powerful combination that ensure timely, thorough recovery of your data.

No need to worry about our services affecting your device’s warranty; Flashback Data is authorized to perform data recovery services on all the above devices, from any manufacturer. Whether you are a business owner, a law enforcement officer, or a private citizen, sending your device to our Class 10, clean laboratory ensures quick, efficient recovery of data your IT department, computer store or big box store cannot.


As technology has become exceedingly portable, the risk of data loss due to physical damage, crashed systems, and viruses has increased. Unfortunately, many recovery businesses are ill-prepared to handle the variety of technologies involved. However, Flashback Data was one of the first labs in the country to perform flash data recoveries, and we’ve been advancing the field ever since. 

In fact, we specialize in recovering data from flash-based technology. Whether your device is Android or iPhone-based, our proven techniques allow us to access your data regardless of its condition. Since the NAND flash chip inside does not require power to store your data, our technicians are able to retrieve your files, contacts, photos and more even if your device will not power on.

What Are Signs of Failure?

Although signs of drive failure can differ by manufacturer, type of device, and the type of drive housed within, these signs can indicate your device may need data recovery:

  • Error messaging stating the device, drive, or operating system cannot be found
  • Repeated requests to reformat the device’s drive
  • Devices stuck in a loop or experiencing repeated difficulty loading
  • A silent hard drive
  • A hard drive that makes a repeated clicking or grinding noise
  • Slow file access
  • Corrupted data

What Could Have Caused Failure?

With today’s portable technology, any number of issues can cause drive failure. The most common are:

    • Impact damage
    • Spills and water damage
    • Daily wear and tear
    • Exposure to extreme temperatures
    • Exposure to viruses
    • Accidental overwriting
    • Manufacturer defect

What Should I Do if I Suspect Drive Failure?

If your device is not working as expected and you experience one of the above symptoms or have reason to believe one of the above incidents may have affected your system, it is necessary to prevent additional damage. First and foremost, power off the device; don’t continue to try to access files or continue working on the device, as you may cause further issues that can make recovery of your data more difficult. Instead, contact Flashback Data at your earliest convenience to request recovery.

Why Choose Us?
Clients nationwide choose Flashback Data for our extensive range of digital services and our extensive track record. Since 2004, we’ve been retrieving the data and performing the crucial conversions other companies cannot. Better yet, our considerate customer service and competitive pricing puts Flashback Data head and shoulders above other businesses in the field.

Our No Data, No Fee Guarantee means we’ll retrieve the data you’ve lost or there’s no charge, guaranteed. Our expert technicians will administer a free diagnostic to determine the status of your data. Then, we’ll provide you with a quote regarding the recovery status and the price you should expect. Finally, your data will be stored securely within our laboratory until it is returned to you via your preferred storage method.


Step 1

Remove Hard Disk from computer. Be sure to touch something metal to ground yourself before handling static sensitive devices.

Step 2

Place Hard Drive in an anti-static bag or anti-static bubble wrap.

Step 3

Place disk in box with at least 2″ of foam or packing material on all sides to prevent damage during transit.

Step 4

Seal box securely and mark FRAGILE on the box. Always send via Next Day Air when possible. Please include your Data Evaluation form in the box.

If you’ve recently lost data due to damage, malfunction, or other failure, there’s no need to panic. Flashback Data has a Staten Island location that can help. Contact us via our online form or simply dial (866) 786 5700 to learn more.