Emergency Data Recovery

We Can Recover Data From All Damaged, Corrupted & Infected Devices, Both Personal & Business

Fast & Reliable Emergency Services from Industry Experts

Don’t Panic! Relax. Flashback Data can help you recover your years of lost data. Data recovery is our business, and we have years of experience and thousands of successful recoveries to prove it.

Follow our quick steps below for a successful recovery:

  1. TURN OFF THE POWER TO YOUR COMPUTER! Whether you have deleted files or your drive makes strange noises, you will have a much better chance of a successful recovery if you turn off your computer and get help immediately.
  2. If this is an emergency, call Flashback Data at 866-786-5700 immediately, so we can find the best solution for your problem as fast as possible.
  3. Fill out our online data recovery forms to ship with your damaged media here.
  4. Wrap your media in an anti-static bag, pack it in a box twice the size of the media, and fill the box with packing material such as bubble wrap or recyclable packing paper.
  5. Ship the media to Flashback Data at the address listed in the service agreement (if you didn’t print a UPS Ground label from the intake form). Overnight Service is recommended in the event of an emergency. Flashback Data is not responsible for damage to media in transit.

Please contact Flashback Data if you have any further questions.

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