Data recovery services play a major role in the modern business world. Companies today rely on digital processes and data storage, and when drive failures, viruses, and unexpected physical damage occur, Seattle, Washington companies need effective and reliable solutions.

Flashback Data is a premier service provider of Seattle data recovery services. With more than a decade working in the data recovery industry, we know how to diagnose critical drive failures, recover important files, and how to handle a wide variety of advanced hardware.

If your enterprise in Bellevue or Seattle needs help recovering data quickly, we promise a fast turnaround time for even the most complicated critical data recovery requests. We have invested heavily in our clean room and data recovery labs to provide our clients with secure data recovery that other data recovery companies can’t match.

Our team of data recovery experts has a diverse background spanning criminal forensics, information security, and many other disciplines that allow us to take a multifaceted approach to any data loss event.

We offer a variety of data recovery services to Seattle and Bellevue businesses.

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We offer a ‘No Data, No Fee’ guarantee on all standard data recovery services.


Hard drives or HDDs are some of the most commonly used devices in modern business operations. Almost every computer station has some type of hard drive or external hard drive. When your business needs expert hard drive recovery services, you can rely on Flashback Data.

Hard drives are vulnerable to all types of corruption, viruses, and physical damage from traumatic events, water exposure, electrical surges, and simple wear and tear from repeated use. Whatever the case may be with your hard drive, our team of data recovery experts can diagnose the source of your data loss and recover your valuable data quickly and efficiently.


Solid-state drives or SSDs are quickly becoming the standard for many companies in Seattle and throughout the US. These devices function similarly to standard hard drives in terms of their logical processes, but they have a different physical construction and therefore require a different approach when it comes to recovering data.

The Flashback Data team is thoroughly experienced working with SSDs from many different manufacturers and performs complex data recovery services with a high success rate. We offer the top solid-state drive data recovery services for Seattle enterprises having trouble with their SSD data.


A RAID array is a complex machine that can handle very sophisticated operations, but these devices are vulnerable to all types of problems. When you need reliable RAID recovery services in Seattle, Bellevue, or anywhere else in Washington, Flashback Data can help.

We can retrieve your RAID data as quickly as possible and minimize data loss thanks to our years of experience working with complex RAID array configurations. No matter how complicated your RAID array might be, we can handle your recovery needs and recover important files from virtually any type of device in your RAID array.


Apple iPhones and iPads are some of the most popular devices among modern businesses. They streamline a wide variety of workflows and can enable better customer experiences, but they are just as vulnerable to data loss as any other type of computer hardware.

The Flashback Data team of data recovery experts understand the Apple filesystem and can diagnose iPhone data loss quickly and efficiently. Whether you want to repair or replace your compromised devices, we can help you determine the best way to save your important data and get your device environment back to where you need it.


The Android operating system is incredibly customizable and versatile. Hardware manufacturers like Samsung and Google use the Android OS to power their smartphones and other internet-capable devices, and your company may rely on the Android operating system for many business-critical operations.

When you experience any type of data loss with your Android devices, we can help with recovering data as well as diagnosing the source of your critical data loss so you can avoid similar events in the future.


The Apple iOS is popular for companies working in digital media, visual communication, or graphic design, and Mac computers and MacBook laptops are some of the most popular Apple devices in use throughout the United States.

No matter what type of device you use with the iOS operating system, we can assist you with expert data recovery services and a variety of additional service options. Whatever your recovery needs may be concerning your Mac devices, the Flashback Data team has the experience to handle them.


Portable computers and storage devices like laptops, flash drives, and memory cards can be critical to many Seattle companies’ operations. When your laptop data becomes compromised or seemingly lost, it can be a devastating blow to your current projects.

Flashback Data is the leading choice for Seattle data recovery, no matter what type of portable device experiences data loss. Our team of data recovery experts have robust data recovery processes in place for all types of devices, including laptops that suffer physical damage or complete crashes.


Your important files are likely one of the biggest assets; they’re also one of your operation’s biggest vulnerabilities. This is especially true if you work with medical documents and need to maintain HIPAA compliance or handle sensitive customer data you do not want leaked. Flashback Data has earned a reputation as one of the most reliable data recovery companies in the United States, thanks to our firm commitment to providing our clients with the most robust data recovery and emergency service available. We strive to maintain our position as a leader in the data recovery industry, and you can request help in Seattle, Washington from our team at any time.

Take advantage of our free evaluation offer to determine how our team can help you recover your valuable data from any type of storage device. We offer the best data recovery services available. Our extensive industry experience and our team of data recovery experts are dedicated to providing secure data recovery that Seattle businesses can rely on with a solid success rate and fast turnaround time.