Data Recovery Cost Assurance

For 6 months, the wizards at Flashback Data have been developing what we hope saves our customers a lot of money.

The name of the product is Data Recovery Cost Protection, at least it is for now—it could very well have a new name by close of business hours today!

The value proposition may be obvious, but here it is: Data Recovery Cost Assurance aims to guarantee data recovery service on any storage device for a low fee paid when the storage device is new or verified in good health. Were the storage device to crash or fail, Flashback Data would recover your data at no extra cost but for the price that was previously paid. 

For example, Johnny Talcum Powder buys a new laptop. He also purchases an extended warranty to cover all the parts of his computer, and this includes his hard drive. But he finds himself in a quandary: what about the data he will write and save to his hard drive? What about the photos, tax forms, Talcum Powder lineage, music, videos, spreadsheets of strange, etc. (you get the idea…manufacturers and warranty companies will cover the hardware, but not the content created by the end-user). And that’s when we get to be Superheroes!

Data Recovery Cost Assurance will provide Mr. Powder with the content stored on his hard drive before he has the hard drive replaced through his warranty policy. Flashback Data goes to work, extracts the data from the damaged drive, burns data to another form of media (dvd’s, external hard drive), returns recovered data and damaged hard drive to Mr. Powder. Mr. P gets his new hard drive, and loads his restored data on the new drive.

Perhaps the Actuator Arm was malfunctioning on the hard drive, maybe the Spindle Motor was seizing, or possibly a power surge fried the Printed Circuit Board. Whatever hindered the drive’s performance, Flashback Data recovers Mr. P’s data at no additional charge…Powder played it smart with his purchase of a Data Recovery Cost Assurance policy!

It’s that simple! Or, is it?

What if the damage to the storage device is so severe that even Flashback Data cannot recover the data? Good question. This scenario gives Flashback Data the opportunity to refund a prorated amount of the advanced payment for the service, or we transfer this amount as credit toward a new policy when a replacement drive is installed. However, barring a catastrophic event, Flashback Data will be able to recover the data 75% of the time. Check-out what people are saying about us on Citysearch.

With a few wrinkles to iron out, Flashback Data will have Data Recovery Cost Assurance available to consumers and businesses in the very near future…maybe next week!

By the way, our new product will be perfect for companies looking to help protect investments with technology refreshes, and works well with disaster planning and business continuity. Something for CIO’s and IT Directors to think about…

Stay Tuned!