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Signs It’s Time to Call a Data Recovery Expert

Many large companies have their own internal technology teams that can handle most tasks necessary to run a business. However, in a number of instances, such as equipment failure or external attack, data can be at risk of corruption or deletion. Data recovery is a specific technical skill that requires experience and speciality equipment.

 How to Hire a Qualified Data Recovery Specialist

 There are different types of data recovery that can potentially cripple a business. From servers and external hard drives to mobile devices and legacy media, data is stored on various media that can fail in unique ways. Data recovery experts can extract or restore information seemingly lost to natural disasters, user error, or the passage of time.

When questions about the integrity of data arise, the first step is to turn the device off. Attempts to recover data on your own or continuing operating the equipment in question can result in additional corruption or loss. While businesses can secure their data before disaster with routine backups, having trusted data recovery specialists available can save time and money.

 The First Step Is Recognizing the Problem

 Is your hard drive making a strange clicking sound? Did someone drop an older model laptop? Has a fire compromised servers at your data center?

 Selecting a competent data recovery specialist to secure your information will prevent a lot of future frustration. Data can be salvaged from virtually any device, including cell phones, thumb drives, and solid state hard drives. Truly competent data recovery specialists can also retrieve information from analog recording tape, video game consoles, and even mp3 players.

 Flashback Data: Recovery Evaluation Process

 The evaluation process for data recovery begins by shipping the damaged media to Flashback Data’s headquarters in Austin, Texas. After completing the required paperwork and entering your project into our system, Flashback Data will diagnosis the issue and begin the recovery process. Clients can view the progress of their data recovery job via our tracking portal.

Our facilities host dedicated work stations for flash based and mobile device repair. Flashback Data also maximizes efficiency by maintaining an inventory of parts for hard drives and other devices. After extracting your data, we export it to the file type and media of your choice.

The Flashback Data Lab: Cutting Edge Data Recovery and Forensics Services

The Flashback Data lab is pretty impressive. Accredited at the same level as the FBI and other elite crime labs, our facilities feature anti-static flooring, class 100 clean rooms, and high powered imaging stations. To maintain client confidentiality and confidence, Flashback Data places supreme importance on physical security. Along with round the clock video monitoring, we separate our lab into 4 zones restricted by biometric sensors. We also may or may not have placed super villain style traps at strategic locations in the lab. You can never be too careful.