bad hard drive

Help! My Hard Drive Is Making Weird Noises!

It’s always a scary feeling when your hard drive starts doing weird things like making abnormal screeching noises. It’s safe to say that at a certain point in the near future, your hard drive will be in hard drive heaven. Then the fear sets in… You start thinking about things like, how do I recover my files? What do I do first? Where do I turn? Will I ever get my data back? What about my photos? Are they gone forever?

The first thing I would suggest is turning your computer completely off. It’s best if you don’t press your luck in the hopes that your hard drive will be fine. I would suggest a few other helpful things to consider doing immediately. One would be to backup your data to a cloud or a remote hard drive. That way you can rest assured that your data is safe and sound.

If you have a Mac, you can use Time Machine and backup everything to that. If you have an image backup of your C Drive on your PC, you should be able to restore Windows with all of your files to your external hard drive. Nowadays, it seems like everyone is using the cloud, which is very reliable as well. It comes down to your preference. But please, don’t let your hard drive continue to spin if it’s on the fritz as you might not get that last chance to restore your data if you don’t play your cards right.

Remember, if all else fails, call the experts at Flashback Data. We can help recover your data for you so you don’t have a panic attack.