cartoon of a fire of raid arrays

The Value of Being Prepared

On Tuesday, February 28, 2017, an errant typo brought hundreds of websites and online applications down to their knees. A simple human error at Amazon S3 Cloud Services, the back end for 150,714 websites, caused an outage.

The S3 billing system had been sluggish, and technicians were trying to troubleshoot and debug it. One of them executed a command to take a few servers offline. However, with the errant stroke of the keyboard, they took out several servers and caused collateral damage. Many companies relied on the 99.99 percent uptime policy stated in Amazon’s S3 Service Level Agreement. Others either decided .01% unavailability was leaving too much to chance, and believed in Murphy’s Law, that “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”

Accidents happen. The inevitable situation usually happens at the worst time, when you are least expecting it. There is a panic rush of what to do and how to recover, and being prepared and having a plan will alleviate most of these situations. Call it “Murphy- proofing”.  Flashback Data is Murphy-proofing your computer, phone or tablet in the event something does happen, we are here to do our best at recovering your data. Even if you that might be impossible.

Since 2004, we have provided free shipping to the lab, and a free diagnosis to determine how & what can be done, and a fixed rate quote for services. Why are we different?  In addition to excellent customer service and best coast/value, We have the same ASCLD/LAB International (ISO 17025) accreditation as FBI and DEA digital forensics labs. Our data recovery lab is equipped with an ISO Level 4 clean room environment to handle the most difficult data recovery cases.