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Ransomware Recovery

No one wants to see the dreaded lock-down screen in front of them or hear about it from a friend or coworker. It has become the bane of any company or personal user. Your data has been taken hostage and you think you can’t do anything about it, except for paying a massive ransom.

Yes, we have seen our fair share of ransomware victims computers for analysis in our lab. And yes, in many cases, we can recover the data in a much safer manner at a much lower fee than these hackers want for their ransom.

You can get infected in a number of different ways: you can click a link or open an attachment in an email. Once it happens you may not even know what is happening until it is too late. There are dozens of different types of ransomware and many different strains within each type. Because of this, we always recommend having a good offline backup so that you will not be caught off-guard.

Here are some Ransomware tips and facts:

  • Ransomware is estimated to collect $1B this year
    No one wants to see the lockdown screen in front of them or hear about it from a friend or coworker. Once your files are encrypted, there are only three choices: restore from a backup, have Flashback Data perform recovery, or pay-up (no guarantee of getting any data back).
  • The average ransom demand is nearly $700
    That’s more than double the average demand of $294 observed during attacks in 2015. The success of several high-profile, high-demand attacks, such as the $17,000 ransomware attack on Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in February, are contributing to the rise. Source: Symantec  (Our average recovery job is $540)
  • Less than half of ransomware victims recover their data with backup
    Of the IT pros we surveyed who had experienced a ransomware attack, only 42 percent were able to successfully recover all their data from backup.     Source: Barkly

If you or a client gets affected. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 866.786.5700 before attempting to pay any ransom.