The modern world runs on data. Whether your organization serves other businesses or sells directly to consumers, the data you gather and use every day is an integral part of your operations in digital spaces. Flashback Data offers a robust range of certified data recovery services to Phoenix, Arizona-based enterprises. If you have concerns about data loss and want to safeguard your systems or have recently lost data and require emergency service to recover business-critical files, we can help.

Flashback Data offers professional Phoenix data recovery services enabled by a wide array of data recovery software, expertly trained recovery engineers, and a team of dedicated data recovery specialists. Our team has a robust background in criminal forensics, corporate data recovery, and criminal justice. We are intimately familiar with all the ways data can be lost and have years of experience providing professional data recovery services all over the United States.

We have invested heavily to ensure our data recovery lab is the most technologically advanced facility possible to keep our customers’ data as secure during every phase of our critical data recovery process.

Flashback Data can handle a wide variety of data recovery services.

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We offer a ‘No Data, No Fee’ guarantee on all standard data recovery services.


If one of your hard drives suffers critical data loss or a hardware failure, our drive recovery team use a wide range of hard data recovery techniques to save the valuable data on your hard drive. Our team of data recovery experts has extensive experience with all types of hard drives, enabling us to maintain a very high success rate with our hard drive data recovery efforts.

Whether your compromised hard drive is in a desktop computer or laptop, we can help. Our team also has experience with external hard drive devices. Whether your hard drive contracted a virus, a hard disk sustained physical damage, the drive suffered a complete crash, or someone on your team mistakenly deleted important files, the Flashback Data recovery process can help you successfully recover your hard drive data files.


SSDs are more complex than standard hard drives, but they still share many of the same local problems. However, hardware failures with SSDs require a different approach than physical failures in standard hard drives.

Most digital storage solutions are moving toward SSD storage, so it’s likely that your critical data will be stored on SSDs soon if it’s not already. Whether your Tempe or Phoenix area business relies solely on SSD storage or uses a mix of hard drives and SSDs, we can help with your data recovery needs. Our data recovery software promises a high success rate and you can retrieve your data faster than you thought possible. Trust Flashback Data for the best in professional SDD data recovery services.


Multi-drive RAID arrays form the backbone of many Phoenix area enterprises’ data storage environments. These are complex systems. A problem in one element of a RAID array can unfortunately influence others. Data recovery is inherently more complicated when it comes to compromised RAID arrays with multiple drives, but the data recovery experts at Flashback Data have extensive professional experience handling these complex data recovery jobs.

We can diagnose RAID array controller failures, assess single and multi-drive failures, correct logical failures, and recover deleted critical files or wiped drives. The Flashback Data team can also provide emergency services following fires, floods, electrical surges, and other unpredictable events that commonly cause high-level data loss.


Many Phoenix area business rely on iPhones as work devices, and the iPhone continues to be the most popular consumer-level smartphone option. With more than a decade of experience as a professional data recovery company, we have been working in data recovery since before the dawn of the smartphone.

This means we have a wealth of experience dating back to the first iPhone model to hit the market. Our team stays up to date on the latest Apple updates to iOS and smartphone devices, so we can address these data loss incidents quickly and efficiently. Our clean room ensures any Apple devices we service remain intact and do not experience any unwanted interference during the data recovery process.


Android devices are incredibly versatile and have an intuitive file system. While this versatility enables them to perform a wide range of tasks and offer users an incredible level of customizability, they are also vulnerable to a more diverse range of threats than iOS smartphones.

If you have any storage media or smartphone running the Android operating system and it experiences data loss, Flashback Data can help you recover it quickly and efficiently. We can diagnose virus presence, preserve unaffected data, and have the tools necessary to recover some deleted or corrupted files. Our robust recovery techniques allow us to satisfy a wide range of Android data recovery requests for our clients.


Mac computers and MacBook laptops continue to be favored working platforms for people who work in digital media, design, and visual communications. Apple offers computers and laptops with incredibly rich displays and an intuitive filing system that makes them great for creative applications.

While Mac computers and MacBook laptops are highly versatile and robust devices, they remain vulnerable to data loss. If you need to recover critical data on your Mac or MacBook, the Flashback Data team of data recovery specialists can assist you. We understand the innerworkings of the Apple iOS as well as the hardware structure of popular Mac and MacBook devices and can recover your data quickly.


Laptops are staples of the modern business world. If your business requires any kind of travel, laptops will enable your employees to serve a wide variety of business-critical needs anywhere with a power supply and an internet connection.

When one of your laptops experiences a critical failure or any other type of data loss, Flashback Data can help you restore your lost files and get your laptop platform back up and running. Our hard drive recovery services extend to specialized laptop hard drives, so you can rest assured we have the experience, tools, and data recovery software needed to recover your lost laptop files.


It’s vital to put your data in trustworthy hands when you need data recovery services.

The price range for data recovery services can be expansive, so it’s best to make a sound investment when you need data recovery services on anything from a flash drive to a complex server array.

An inexperienced technician or engineer could mistakenly make the problem worse or compromise recoverable data, leading to no recovery. If you want a better idea about Flashback Data’s qualifications and ability to handle your Phoenix data recovery needs, check out some of our client testimonials and customer reviews from Arizona and around the United States. Read what past clients have to say about the Flashback Data recovery services.

For even more peace of mind, we offer free data recovery evaluations so you can better understand your situation before making any kind of financial commitment for recovery services. During your free evaluation we’ll provide a rundown of your situation and provide you with a rough estimate of the cost to fix the problem.

We understand the devastation that comes with data loss, so we strive to make the recovery process as painless and straightforward as possible and offer the highest chances of successful recovery.