The best place to start is with a phone call or email so that we can recommend the best service for your client, provide the price range and email the appropriate evaluation agreement. We can also email you a shipping label TO OUR LAB if you are interested.

When you call us, we will provide a price range based on the storage capacity of the drive, the operating system and the service level (expected turnaround timeframe). You really cannot get a reliable quote without a tech actually having an opportunity to diagnose the drive in person. We cannot rely on anyone else’s opinion about what is wrong with your drive.

Please provide as much detail as possible on the work order. In particular, describe the circumstances of the failure and whatever remedies you may have already tried. Detail the exact spelling of directories, subdirectories or file names you wish recovered. The more information we have, the easier it will be to diagnose and successfully recover your data. Also, we cannot begin to diagnose the drive unless the agreement is signed and the serial number is provided on the first page of the agreement.

Flashback Data provides two sites for tracking the progress of all jobs 24/7.

The Client Tracking is emailed to the contact indicated on the evaluation agreement. Customers and Partners are always invited to call or email anytime you have questions about an update or want more details.

The Partner Tracking site is emailed at the time the VAR ID is created and is always available to the partner. This site provides the latest updates on all jobs past/present for as long as the partnership exists.

Flashback Data will contact you with a firm cost quotation after the media has been diagnosed with the Economy and Standard service. If you decide to proceed with the recovery, we will assign your project to the next available engineer. Priority and Emergency customers are more time sensitive and have paid for immediate attention so Flashback Data will first recover the data and send the file listing along with the price for the recovery as soon as the recovery is complete.

Not all companies claiming to offer data recovery really do it and others provide logical recoveries but do not provide recoveries on drives with physical damage or extreme firmware/software corruption. Flashback Data does not outsource recoveries. All work is done in-house by our engineers.

There is no such thing as 100% success rate in the data recovery industry. Any company that makes such claims is using very narrow perimeters in their stats and leaving out any obstacles that simply cannot be overcome. Flashback Data understands that when you ask us for our success rate you are asking us what your chances are of getting your data back. For this reason, all customer jobs are factored into our recovery rate, even “DOA” drives, and our recovery rate is reliably in the 80-85% range. Some months are higher but that figure is a good average. Because Flashback Data provides cleanroom recoveries for other data recovery companies and we provide complicated logical recoveries that most companies do not have the technology to recover.

There are occasions when physical damage to the drive’s internal components is so severe that the data cannot be salvaged. This typically happens when the platters of a drive have been physically scratched and scraped by the read/write head/arm. This type of damage though rare, is often the result of the client or inexperienced technician having tampered with a failed drive by either continuously power-cycling, or attempting to recover the data on their own using basic utilities. Such crude procedures, almost invariably, cause critical damage to the logical structure of the data itself and/or the internal physical components of the drive.

Some companies will charge you for the recovery even if they are unsuccessful. You shouldn’t have to pay for a recovery when nothing was recovered. Flashback Data offers a No Data – No Fee Guarantee with the Economy service and the Standard service, as long as the warranty seal has not been broken on your hard drive. The No Data – No Fee is not available for RAIDs or drives that have been through a fire or flood. Priority and Emergency services pay a non-refundable evaluation fee to move their job to the head of the queue and for 24/7 service.

Our policy of “No Data – No Fee” means you are not liable for any costs incurred unless we recover the data you need. The first step to ensuring that you get what you are paying for is to review the file listing we provide so you can see that the data you need most is part of the recovery. The file listing also provides detail such as the last time the file was accessed and the size of the file. Some companies do not provide such a list and will take your money and offer only a disclaimer that they cannot guarantee the integrity of the data. Flashback Data will provide additional integrity tests upon request in the interest of absolute satisfaction.

Not all companies give you a choice of destination media. Flashback Data gives you a choice of USB flash drives or hard drives provided by Flashback Data or you may provide your own hard drive.

Media Charges: Media does cost extra. You may purchase a media from Flashback Data. If you provide your own destination drive we will waive the transfer fee.

Emergency Recovery: Normal business hours are from 8am-5pm CST Monday through Friday. Emergency service provides 24/7 services 365 days per week. Our techs work on your drive until the data leaves our lab. Flashback Data has arrangements with Continental and Southwest Airlines for same day shipping of the original media and/or parts needed to complete the recovery.

Shipping: Flashback Data will email a shipping label TO OUR LAB upon request. The customer is responsible for return shipping.

Hard disk drives and other computer storage media can be critically damaged by static electricity, shock, and other factors, often resulting in additional damage. Use the following instructions for shipping and proper handling of your media.

Static – make sure your media is placed in anti-static bags before packing. If not available, simply wrap the media in aluminum foil.
Shock and Vibration – Shock and/or vibration can cause further damage to your media. To insure the media is protected at all times, package the media in a box with at least 2″ of padding (i.e. foam, bubble wrap) on ALL 6 SIDES. Please do NOT pack with Styrofoam peanuts. Failures caused by shock and/or vibration account for one third of all HDD failures.
Laptops – If the hard drive is inside a laptop computer the drive needs to be removed before shipping.
Please remember to include the Work Order form in the same package as your media.

No, as long as Flashback is the first to open the hard drive. Flashback Data is authorized by all leading manufacturers to work on all drive brands including Maxtor, IBM, Western Digital and Fujitsu, Seagate, Toshiba, Hitachi Quantum, Samsung and more without voiding the warranty. Western Digital has listed Flashback Data as a preferred data recovery company on their website. We will apply a Flashback Data foil sticker on the warranty seal which protect your warranty with any manufacturer. If the seal is broken before we receive the drive we will not add our sticker to the seal.

Flashback Data maintains and operates a laboratory equipped with a class 10 clean room environment, staffed by trained and highly accomplished professionals with over 15 years of data recovery experience. Therefore, we only acknowledge & competitively price our services with those of credible labs, such as Ontrack and DriveSavers.

Flashback Data’s mission statement is to be an industry-leading global data service company by incorporating cutting edge technology and providing an exceptional customer experience. To that end, we are committed to constant research & development, employing the best in their field and the latest technological advances in data recovery, computer forensics and security, while providing superior customer service at the most reasonable prices in the industry.

Yes. If you live within reach of our office facilities we encourage this to save time.

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