Below are a selection of news releases and stories that have featured our lab in the past.  We are proud to have been featured in many local and national publications.


September, 8 2017 - In Harvey’s wake, tough task of recovering data and getting it back online has begun

September, 7 2016 - WIRED Magazine - Actually, Clinton should have destroyed her phones better

December 18, 2015 - How to Destroy a Hard Drive Permanently - Scientific American

October 3, 2015Law enforcement discovers new phone security hinders investigations - FOX 7 News

August 20, 2015 - WIRED Magazine - The FBI Has Clinton’s Email Server. Now What?

April 8, 2015 - Digital Forensics Policy

May 26, 2014Austin company gives input on missing plane

May 23, 2014SSD Recovery: How Pros Bring Flash Memory Back To Life

December 6, 2013How Forensic Wizards Bring Phones Back from the Dead

November 23, 2013How your hard drive data is recovered by the experts

August 16, 2013Geo-Tracking Smartphones: Photos Contain GPS Data

August 14, 2013Podcast: On Digital Evidence

July 27, 2013Tech Night Owl Radio with Flashback Data

June 28, Live: Inside a hard drive operating room

June 13, 2013How to securely wipe sensitive files--or your entire hard drive

June 10, 2013Flashback Data Survey Shows Users Not Prepared for Data Loss

June 5, 2013Be honest now: you're not backing up your data

May 28, 2013Between a Rock and a Hard Drive

May 20, 2013Most people unprepared for data loss, fail to back up

May 9, 2013Hard-drive crash! A tour of a data-recovery lab

April 30, 20133 ways to destroy data without taking it to Mount Doom

April 25, 2013Slashdot - Recovering Data From Broken Hard Drives and SSDs (Video)

April 15, 2013Five Causes of Data Computer and External Hard Drive Loss and the Fixes

March 26, 2013Flashback Data Named to SMB 150 List

March 10, 2013What To Do When Your Phone Gets Smashed

March 5, 2013KVUE News: Data Detectives

February 13, 2013AG:Beat - Data loss: most common causes, prevention, and recovery

January 23, 2013Flashback Data Remains Only Non-Governmental Digital Forensics Lab with ASCLD/LAB International Accreditation

December 18, 2012Flashback Data Continues Helping Businesses Recover Hard Drive Data Damaged by Hurricane Sandy Flooding

December 18, 2012CBS News - Expert: Gunman's smashed computers could yield data

December 18, 2012Huffington Post - Adam Lanza's Smashed Hard Drive Doesn't Erase His Digital Footprint, Experts Say 

November 28, 2012Should warrants be required for cell phone searches?

November 28, 2012Lawmaker Backs Down On Cell Phone Privacy Bill

November 27, 2012US Senate committee to consider electronic privacy reform

October 17, - Q&A Wednesday :: Flashback Data

October 10, 2012Child porn assertion has suspect crying foul

September 10, 2012Crimewatch: Austin company helps solve crimes