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Flashback Data brings the most high-tech data recovery solutions to families, businesses, law enforcement and government agencies. We have been recovering data lost from all sorts of malfunctions and catastrophes since 2004. If you’re between Long Island Expressway and Jones Beach State Park, we have a location that’s close to you.

Feel free to contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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We offer a ‘No Data, No Fee’ guarantee on all standard data recovery services.

Find Recovery Services Throughout in New York

We recover data for New York families. If your iPad or tablet quits working, we can access your photos and files. If your laptop or PC malfunctions, we can reconstruct everything on your hard drive and transfer it to safe external storage or a new device. We’ve worked on everything from old, outdated systems to the latest version of the equipment you use at your home. Here are a few of the devices we’ve successfully recovered from:

  • Hard Drives
  • Mobile phones and Tablets
  • Flash Drives
  • Digital Cameras
  • Other forms of media

Our team services brands from all manufacturers, so, if we work on your device, it will not void the warranty. We recover data for New York businesses. We support IT companies and businesses around the world, even in the most difficult cases. Whether you have a multi-drive SAN array or a Micro SD card, we have a solution for you. We service these systems and more.

  • Hard Drives
  • Servers and RAIDS
  • Flash Drives and Mobile Phones
  • Legacy Media and Tapes

Other services we offer include hard disk wiping and disk cloning when you replace your business devices, as well as data and media conversions when you change from outdated software and operating system recovery.

Recover iPhone Data in New York

iPhone and mobile technology frequently becomes damaged. Customers manage their lives through their cellular devices, so, when devices become damaged, it can cause feelings of panic. Flashback Data specializes in accessing lost iPhone and iPad data and returning it to the customer in a usable format. If your device becomes damaged or quits working, we can read the NAND chip inside it to access your files – even if the device is crushed.

Trust Our Guarantee

Flashback Data offers our customers free recovery evaluations for standard recovery services. There is no up-front cost to you. Send us your device or drop it off at our Merrick location. We’ll perform a free diagnostic and tell you what we can get back.

Find a Real Solution at Flashback Data in New York

When the worst happens with your technology, we’re here to help. Flashback Data will use the most technologically advanced solutions to get your data back safe. Contact us today to find out more.