1 finger, 2 fingers, 3 fingers

Making Things Easy for the Customer

Data Recovery and Computer Forensic Examinations are relatively new concepts compared to the Rubik’s cube. The services we provide are incident driven and are usually only needed when a disaster occurs. The person experiencing the disaster usually has very little time to research and explore. Thus, it requires them to go off of a referral, scan the internet, or pull out the yellow pages without really understanding what is all involved in the service and what are the potential outcomes after the service has been provided.

With all new concepts, a degree of education has to take place for customers to understand the value. Visualization is one of the best vehicles in offering education to customers. What happens when you’re discussing data recovery or computer forensics over the phone, through an email, or to a potential customer that is a couple of states away?

Process, positioning, and wording are critical when you’re under a tight timeline and a frantic customer. We have seen businesses make the process to interact with the customer almost impossible or at the very least frustrating with automated dialing, excessive paperwork, or too many processes for payment.  The business usually has the best intentions for the customer and provides these steps to assist the customer with either speed, security, or to give them as many options as possible. Positioning is also an important factor. Positioning the company as A) We will take any clients, or B) We will only take qualified clients makes a difference. Companies that run through scripts and don’t fully understand the capabilities of their products or service to match it to the prospective clients usually take any client. This usually positions the company as a drive through vendor. Companies that qualify their customers usually address the customer’s exact concern, which positions the company as an expert.

Wording plays a role in positioning. Usually, big words can be sniffed out pretty quickly as B.S. and the customer will not understand the value. We like to use words or tell stories to show the customer the value. Explaining how a hard drive is like a jet airplane flying a mach 3 four feet off the ground with little room for error gives more meaning to a client than a hard drive is a sensitive storage device with moving parts that may fail at any given time.

At Flashback Data we have examined our processes throughout the six years and have come to the realization that easier is better. I believe Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five says it best with “easy as 1, 2, 3”.  We have changed our process to three steps: 1 –We evaluate the device;  2 – We give a quote for the work; and upon approval 3 – We recover the data. Not only are we walking the customer through the process, but also visualizing our process and paperwork with the 1, 2, 3 steps. This allows the customers to have an expectation as well as it keeps them dialed in on where they are in the process. This will be available manually or automated via our Client Portal depending upon the customer’s preference. All incoming inquires will still continue to receive live, qualified personnel to answer their specific concerns, but the simplification in our process allows for our qualified personnel to have a further reach with incoming inquiry.  Flashback Data’s approach is continuing to be recreated and made as simple and visual as possible, so that the difficult concept of data recovery and computer forensics are easy to understand.