wet hard drive - water damage

Flashback Data Offers Data Recovery Services to Central Texas Flood Victims

After 2 steady weeks of heavy rainfall in the Central Texas area, many individuals and businesses are reviewing the damage from the recent flooding. From our years of experience in dealing with data loss, we understand how devastating it can be to a business or individual to not only lose property but to lose company records or other irreplaceable data like pictures as well.

We would like to assist anyone who has lost important information from water-damaged computers, servers and mobile devices by offering $500 discounts to anyone affected. We are also happy to work with you and your insurance provider to assist in getting any costs covered by your policy.

We are a proud Austin company since 2004, and we love to help our community.  We hope that all of the affected areas get back up and running stronger than ever before.  If you need any assistance with any data loss issues, please contact us at 1.866.786.5700.