Where most digital forensics labs stop, we take it to the next level…

Flashback Data can get data from devices that most labs just set aside. We use several advanced techniques in our data recovery lab to assist our forensic investigators with their investigations when our standard forensic tools either do not support a device, or cannot get past a passcode locked device.

JTAG Forensics

To do this we have developed techniques to work with the JTAG or Joint Test Action Group pins on a particular device. Most mobile phones have JTAG pins for the original developer to test the circuit board in the manufacturing process. We use these pins to give us direct access to the flash memory on a device so we can recover the entire contents of the memory. If there is no way to access the memory through JTAG, then we can also try a chip-off recovery.

Chip-off Forensics

A more invasive, but very successful method of getting to those very hard to recover or very damaged devices is through the flash memory itself. We have the tools and techniques to do surgery on a mobile device and actually remove the flash memory chip, reconstruct the data, and get you a full investigation.

These methods, combined with our hard drive data recovery capabilities, makes us the most advanced digital forensics lab in the world. We have found these very helpful for our partners in law enforcement as well.

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