We crack the phone…you crack the case!

Flashback Data has been assisting Law Enforcement with digital forensics for years, enabling a secure, extremely fast forensic process that is a great alternative to DPS or FBI RCFL labs. We have the same accreditation as FBI labs, and can perform advanced forensic methods such as JTAG and Chip-off forensics.

Why use us?

  • ASCLD/LAB International & ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited (Same as FBI Labs)
  • No more backlogs
  • As fast as same day turnaround times
  • Advanced forensics capabilities that other labs do not have (hard drive recovery, JTAG, chip-off)
  • Casework packages

We now have packaged offerings to assist with budgetary requirements of your agency.  We can assist your current lab with backlogged cases, or we can be your digital forensics lab.

If you are interested in more information on how we can assist you in solving more cases, fast.  Call us at 866.786.5700 or fill out the form here.