We have streamlined our forensics process to make it easy to understand how we operate within an investigation. Of course, not all investigations have the same variables, but almost all follow a similar process.

Step 1: Engagement

Before an investigation begins, we will meet to discuss the objectives of the case. Based on this meeting, we will put together a detailed statement of work (also called a SOW) showing what will be performed as well as showing deliverables and costs.

Step 2: Preservation

Regardless of the number and type of devices involved in the case, the next step is to preserve the evidence and start a chain of custody. We will make verified forensic copies of any and all relevant evidence, and track the copies within our lab to preserve the data exactly as it is on the original devices.

Step 3: Investigation

After the data is preserved, we can begin our investigation. This is where the majority of the work is happening. Our experts will analyze the data, taking detailed notes, and building a narrative from the data.

Step 4: Reporting

Once the investigation is complete, we put together a very detailed and accessible report (the quality of our reports are second-to-none in this industry). While meticulously detailed, we ensure these reports are easy to understand and clear to our customers.

Step 5: Testimony

If needed, our experts can then testify in court or in depositions regarding the findings in your case.


For more information on how we can help in your case, contact a case manager at 866.786.5700.