Digital and Computer Forensics Experts

Probably the best known aspect of forensics is the storytelling. A man dies mysteriously and forensic examiners get called to conduct two autopsies – one on the corpse and one on the home computer. Toxicology confirms the man died of ethylene glycol poisoning (antifreeze). Forensic testing of the computer recovers 76 previously deleted Google searches made by the man’s wife over the course of seven weeks for things like “symptoms of ethylene glycol poisoning,” “ethylene glycol toxicity” and “C2H6O2 ingestion and death.”

That’s a compelling story.

Using a combination of experience and specialized technology, our forensic examiners analyze and answer questions about the electronic evidence you give us. Experts in our forensic division supervise the process from cradle-to-grave and serve throughout as your principal point of contact. Among other things, this dynamic ensures there’s never an air gap between the legal and technical aspects of an ongoing case.

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