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A Storage Area Network (SAN) attaches remote storage devices and keeps files separate from your web server. Block-level data storage appears as devices attached locally. Shared storage makes administration simpler and removes the need for cable attachments between devices.


Understanding SAN

Organizations use SAN to organize, store and access data. A marketing agency might create and need to access a collection of many different types of files. Their photographers might all contribute to one enormous file library. Web developers design sites for clients. Videographers might create footage for commercials and gather video for social media campaigns. Copywriters create documents for websites and print. Analysts use AI to compile data on users and forecast trends.

Each employee inputs his or her contribution into desktop, mobile devices, external cameras, USB drives and other devices. Over time, data take up more physical space than there is room for on company drives.

The data all belongs to the marketing agency and employees need to be able to access and use it from multiple locations. A SAN allows individuals to access files from multiple web servers and receive scalable storage. It may include network attached storage (NAS) components and RAID systems.



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When SAN Fails

Last summer, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) demonstrated to the world the damage that can result from SAN failure. Their problems started when a power outage that lasted three days disrupted online functions. As the ATO struggled to solve the problem, a second power outage occurred that lasted five days. Fiber optic cables feeding the SAN were fitted incorrectly, software bugs made data inaccessible, monitoring tools didn’t activate and the overall network configuration was unstable. The organization spent several weekends down, since the failure impacted almost all systems.

Businesses and individuals often think their SAN is so massive it’s invulnerable. Systems create redundancy, but reproduction can sometimes make failure worse. Devices connected to the SAN can fail, just like any other computer hardware. Interactions between applications can cause the entire system to crash and one faulty component can affect complex architecture.

Hardware failure is the top cause of downtime for businesses of all sizes. Often, even storage servers are virtualized onto the SAN. Human error, software failure and natural disaster can also lead to failure.

The top cause of unrecoverable data is individuals accidentally destroying information during an attempt at recovery. Because SANs are so complex, it can be hard to track down the problem. Data recovery experts have experience isolating damaged components, saving data before they get lost and helping you get your systems running again.

Hire The Experts in SAN Data Recovery

If your SAN shows signs of failure, don’t try to diagnose or repair problems yourself. Shut down all hardware that is affected and contact the specialists at Flashpoint Data. One of our representatives will explain how our recovery process works and help you choose the best option for you.

You have the option of bringing in damaged components or printing a UPS label and mailing them to us from your location. Once we receive your device, one of our technicians will diagnose your equipment in our secure, Class 100 clean room environment and contact you with a firm quote. Find out why we have international accreditation when you contact us for a free quote today.


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