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Title: Digital Forensics Examiner
Code: cf03

Does watching CSI: Cyber interest you? At Flashback Data we assist in solving crimes such as kidnappings, homicides, IP theft, embezzlement, and extra-marital affairs. Our internationally-accredited digital crime laboratory handles difficult investigations that require our forensic examiners to possess the following skills:

  • Ability to “think out of the box”
  • In-depth knowledge of data allocation
  • Ability to translate technical jargon into client-friendly laboratory reports


Although having digital forensics certifications are a plus, they’re not required… We will take care of the certifications once you’re hired as part of our team. Flashback Data forensic examiners are unique in our industry, as they are meticulous, resourceful, and able to present results in a useful manner.

Attached is a test to see if you have what it takes to move forward in the process toward becoming an elite Flashback Data forensic examiner. Below are the test instructions:

  1. Examine the DD file provided in this link: https://www.flashbackdata.com/downloads/Want@Job.zip
  2. Without using an automated data recovery or forensics tool, undelete the files in the DD image so that they are working properly again (you may use any free hex editor or Winhex)
  3. Document the steps you took in a report format
  4. Take screenshots of the Root Directory and FAT table
  5. Mount the image and take a screenshot of the contents of the recovered data in tile view in Windows Explorer (there are several free tools that will allow you to mount a DD image, such as FTK Imager)
  6. Provide the MD5 hash of the recovered files
  7. Send your results to jobs@flashbackdata.com


We hope you find this challenge interesting! We look forward to your results and ultimately determining if you may qualify to join our real-life CSI: Cyber!

Flashback Data is an equal opportunity employer.