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Title: Assistant Case Manager
Code: df05

Who We Are

As a data recovery and digital forensics firm, Flashback Data, LLC has provided high-level electronic device examination and consulting services to clients throughout the U.S. and abroad since 2004.  Flashback Data, LLC is an International Standards Organization (ISO) 17025:2017-compliant computer forensic laboratory, governed by the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB).  Not only do we serve as the dedicated digital crime lab for a number of law enforcement agencies across the nation, but we also conduct forensic investigations of cell phones, computers, and other media for private citizens, corporations, and attorneys. Whether civil or criminal, defense or prosecution, we provide our clients with thorough, objective analyses to ensure that relevant digital artifacts are provided in an understandable manner.

What We Need

We are looking to add a case manager to its digital forensics team. This position requires an individual who is highly organized, meticulous, and self-motivated to perform administrative duties without repetitive instruction. The ability of the case manager to juggle multiple tasks and cases at a given time, while staying in compliance with the lab’s standard operating procedures is essential.

As part of our forensics team, you will work directly with attorneys, detectives, forensic examiners, and quality and regulatory managers, and you will be responsible for handling of digital evidence, from inception to release. Consequently, a clean criminal history via a mandatory FBI background check is an absolute requirement.


  • Case File Management
    • Ensure all electronic case files contain page numbers on all pages
    • Ensure all electronic case files are named properly
    • Ensure all electronic case files contain case number on all pages
    • Use Excel spreadsheet to track cases that are confirmed as being compliant with accreditation standards
    • Determine if any essential documents are missing from electronic case files
    • Ensure all electronic case files contain chain of custody documents for every evidence item
    • Ensure all evidence items for “closed” cases have been returned or reallocated in the case management system (CMS)
    • Scan hard copy case documents
    • Add page and case numbers to all scanned case documents
    • Upload case documents to appropriate case files
  • Evidence Management
    • Conduct inventory of evidence cage to ensure location of items match CMS records
    • Conduct inventory of destination drives, both in-laboratory (physical) and in CMS (electronic)
    • Shred hard copy case documents once confirmed they have been saved to case files
    • Forensic-sterilization and reallocation of destination drives
    • Document physical evidence items with digital photography
    • Meet with clients for intake and release of evidence items
    • Maintain chain of custody for evidence items throughout their time in our lab
    • Package and seal evidence items
  • Ensure common forensic document templates are stocked in the laboratory
  • Assist Forensic Case Manager with laboratory organization and cleanliness
  • Assist Forensic Case Manager in ensuring redundancy of data evidence for storage cases
  • Speak with potential new clients to discuss their digital forensics needs
  • Develop quotes and send to potential new clients

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Full-Time Position (Monday through Friday, 0800 to 1700 hours)
  • Salaried Compensation
  • Health, Dental, and Life Insurance; IRA

To apply, please send your resume (inline, Word Doc or PDF) to jobs@flashback1stg.wpengine.com.

Flashback Data is an equal opportunity employer.