Flashback Data has invested heavily in our lab and we are very proud of our facilities.  We have a secure, technologically advanced facility that will house your media safely. 

The lab features 4 zones of bio-metric access with full 24/7 video monitoring.  The first zone is for customers and conferences.  The second zone is our administration area.  This is where our customer service, sales and administrative offices are located.  Next, we have a man-trap before the Data Recovery Lab.  And then finally, our Digital Forensics Lab and secure evidence storage.

Our data recovery lab is equipped with:

  • Anti-static flooring
  • Complete electronic rework stations
  • Class 100 clean room workstations
  • High power stereo microscopes
  • Lightning fast drive imaging stations
  • Flash memory and mobile phone repair stations
  • 1000's of replacement parts for hard drives

  Our forensics lab is equipped with:

  • Fast hardware imaging stations
  • Powerful forensics workstations
  • Dozens of Terabytes in storage
  • Locked, steel evidence cage

On top of this, we are maintain an ASCLD/LAB International as well as ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditations.




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