Deputy Chief Corey Falls, City of Ashland

My police department needed evidence in a murder investigation, which consisted of a hard drive and smart phone in need of imaging and examination. I reached out to the Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory (RCFL) in our area, but received a turnaround time of four to six months. Unfortunately, we didn’t even have one month to wait on processing the evidence. I contacted Flashback Data in Austin, Texas and learned they have the same ASCLD/Lab International accreditation as the FBI and DEA. The great communication and professionalism from the Flashback Data’s staff was consistent throughout the entire process. Since my original request, I have continued to use them to process electronic evidence and they have turned the evidence around less than a week. Flashback Data is a great alternative to the RCFL’s. Their qualified experts, quality driven process, and ease of use make it is easy to not only recommend the laboratory, but continue using them.