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We’ve assembled the 5 Digital Forensics posts most popular with attorneys and the legal community. Check them out… Digital Forensics Terms for Attorneys Why You Need a 2nd Opinion on Digital Evidence in Criminal Cases Mass File Deletion Isn’t Always Malfeasance The Major Differences Between Digital Forensics and eDiscovery Digital Forensics for IP Theft If …

Deleting Data

Mass File Deletion Isn’t Always Malfeasance

A recent civil case we supported reminded me of the difference between a cursory technical analysis and a full forensic analysis of a digital device. The issue in question was whether evidence of mass file deletion was evidence of malfeasance. Opposing counsel’s “expert” said it was, we disagreed. Our Initial Analysis In this case, we …

Encrypted Data

On Scene Tips: Securing Computers for Forensic Analysis

Choices you make in securing digital evidence on scene can make or break your department’s ability to recover evidence and make a case. In the past, we’ve covered common mistakes made on scene  and offered advice for water emergencies. Today we share best practices for securing a computer, especially one that is powered ON and …

wet hard drive - water damage

Flashback Data offers service to recent flood victims

After historic floods in Louisiana and Mississippi, many individuals and businesses are reviewing the damage from the recent flooding. From our years of experience in dealing with data loss, we understand how devastating it can be to a business or individual to not only lose property, but to lose company records or other irreplaceable data …

2009 Greater Austin Business Awards

Flashback Data is proud to announce that we are a Finalist in the Small Business Innovation category for the 2009 Greater Austin Business Awards. Please see more information at the Austin Chamber of Commerce Website:       Thank you to all of the people that have supported us over the years.