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Title: Brand Ambassador – Contract Position
Code: fo03

Job Description:

Flashback Data is a growing company that offers many opportunities for successful individuals wanting to be part of a team. Flashback Data is a nine year old company that concentrates in data recovery, electronic evidence, and remote backup solutions. Flashback Data’s exponential growth is due to the growing dependency on electronic data and our creative and focused team. It is important to Flashback Data to stay focused on the mission to become the industry leader in the global data service industry by incorporating cutting edge technology and providing an exceptional customer experience.

We are looking for highly motivated people who are looking for a very flexible part-time position. This is a contractor position and the contractor will be assigned a territory based on where they live and shall visit partner locations in such territory and provide the following services, without limitation:


  • Travel and visit each reseller within the given territory (City & Metro area) on quarterly basis
  • Update each partner/reseller with our latest promotions
  • Answer any questions regarding the partnership program
  • Drop off marketing material
  • Verify the known information for each partner/reseller

Each Promotion Representative will be based at their home. They will be responsible to use their own transportation method to each partner/reseller. Partners will consist of retail locations, office locations, and locations that require appointments only. You will be given a territory with a varied number of resellers. The territory will include companies within the city and metro areas. There will be complete in-person training.

The Promotion Representative shall provide quarterly reports to Flashback and participate in monthly conference calls to provide summaries of activities and the results of activities. The requirements of such calls and reports will be provided by Flashback.

Multiple territories available accross the U.S. To apply, please send your resume (inline, Word Doc or PDF) to jobs@flashbackdata.com.

This is a contract position.