Flashback Data offers cutting-edge solutions for data loss situations. We have the technical experience to recover your critical data whether you need to recover deleted files or recover lost or corrupt data from damaged media. We can even recover critical data after a hurricane or other natural disaster.

Our data recovery solutions are the most advanced in the industry. Working in a Class 10 clean environment, our technicians use the latest in-house technology to get your data back quickly and effectively.

We can step in and turn a potential catastrophe into a complete recovery when IT departments, computer service companies, and even other data recovery companies claim that your device is unrecoverable and your data is lost. Whether you are a business or an individual, we have service options that can fit your needs.

Recoverable media includes:

We service all brands and are recognized by all major manufacturers, therefore not voiding any warranties.

We recover from logical damage as well as physical problems on a daily basis. We can recover from:

What causes a hard disk or flash drive to fail?

There are hundreds of reasons a hard drive will fail, and as with any mechanical device, it will eventually fail. Failures can be caused by:

What are the signs that point to a drive failure?

What should I do if my hard drive fails?

If you have signs of a physical failure, do not continue to try to boot the computer or power on the drive. You will only cause further physical damage and possibly make the drive unrecoverable.

Do not install over-the-counter data recovery software on a drive with deleted or lost files. You could potentially overwrite the data you are trying to recover.

If the data is mission critical, do not try to recover the data yourself.

For more data recovery information read about:

Our Process

Read about how our process works from your computer to our lab and back.

Risk Free Evaluations

Read about our No-Data, No-Fee Guarantee and get your media evaluated at no cost.

What We Recover

Learn about all of the types of media and system types we recovery from.

Our Lab

Read all about our accredited data recovery lab


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